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    Summerhouse insulation

    Hi All, Would greatly value any input here. Helping out my Dad on the refurbishment of an existing outhouse, which he wants to turn into a summerhouse-type structure, but one that can be used all year round. The problem I have is that we've removed the existing cladding and replaced with...
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    Summerhouse renovation (with a stubborn client)

    Hi All, My Dad has recently purchased a property with a dilapidated summerhouse that I'm helping him bring back to life. The timber frame is actually in OK nick, so he's wanting to insulate everywhere and lay a screed floor with insulation on top. We've ripped out the old rotten chipboard...
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    Breeze block outer wall - render alternatives?

    Thanks for your comments all. If it was on view, it wouldn't be a question and would just render. But - as the majority of the wall is not on show - I thought I'd see if there were other viable options. Seems silly to pay for render if it's for cosmetic purposes and there's a cheaper way to...
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    Breeze block outer wall - render alternatives?

    Afternoon all, Looking to save a bit of money on an extension and researching alternatives to rendering - are there any, or is render the only option to keep it water tight? Have seen there are some heavy duty sealants available, but do these last? Builder doing the job says there's £6,000 of...
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    Laying Polyflor - advice please

    Hi all, I inherited some Polyflor from a relative who had it leftover, so going to stick in my porch (concrete floor which I've just PVA'd). I spoke to a friend who's a builder and he said next step was to use self-leveller and then the adhesive floor layers use. However, I've put a spirit...
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    Plaster on external wall blistering (damp?)

    Hi all, Got some really valuable advice last time I posted, hopefully I'll be as lucky this time! I've just moved a table away from a wall in my kitchen and discovered what looks like blistering in the plaster on an external wall - see attached. This is just my diagnosis based on a quick...
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    RSJ movement and a lack of building regs

    Hi all, First time poster here. About 3 years ago my uncle (20+ years' as a general builder) installed an RSJ to create a new kitchen/diner for us and I've recently noticed a few hairline cracks (1mm) around the RSJ - see pic below. He did the job for free so I can't really complain, however I...