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    New MA1 Oscillating

    I have a 22 year old oil fired standard non-pressurised system with Drayton MA1 3 way valve and 'Lifestyle' connection system. A couple of years ago I replaced the old controller and some of the rad TRVs with the "Wiser" controller. Recently this started banging when going from mid position to...
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    Seeping oil cut-off valve.

    Thanks both. I don't have a remote fire valve so I think I'll get one installed and have them replace the internal valve as well.
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    Seeping oil cut-off valve.

    Just returned from a few days away to find a strong smell of oil and a puddle of oil inside the Potterton boiler. The valve shown is seeping around the valve stem when on. If this were a water valve I'd just tighten down on the packing a bit but this doesn't seem to be the same construction...