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    Watchman oil sensor At what point the oil in my new tank would need replenishing? At the moment...

    Watchman oil sensor At what point the oil in my new tank would need replenishing? At the moment 2 bars are showing at the bottom.
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    A failing wall light

    Hi - It's Sunday morning and I've only just had an opportunity to switch off the power. At the 2 gang switch a neutral (black) goes to L1 and its companion live (red) goes to L2, both at the top of the switch. I think this is for the wall light. The live (red) from the second cable goes to...
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    Unusual airlock

    I haven't opened up the control panel because the shower works off the mains supply of cold water, therefore I think it unlikely there would be a cold water switch and I don't remember seeing any such switch when I installed the unit originally.
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    No power from cable extensions

    Hi Ban-all-sheds (what sort of sheds?) You are right. What is the benefit of using the 2-pin socket you show? I did see that there was no earth wire on the strimmer's lead but using a regular 3-pin plug means that I can use any extension lead that comes to hand. Is it about safety? Chris
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    No power from cable extensions

    Thank you all for your contributions, they were very helpful because (a) they were each different and (b) they enablede me to look more widely for a solution than I would otherwise have done. I have cracked it after thinking about EFLImpdence's suggestion. I realised that the mains sockets...
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    No power from cable extensions

    I hope someone can solve this very odd problem for me which has only very recently come about, as everything used to be fine! I have a 3-year old Black&Decker Electric strimmer which works perfectly when its own attached power cable (which is not very long) is plugged into a mains socket...
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    condensation on internal walls

    I too have had a problem with condensation and staining on the inside walls of two rooms. I live in an old stone cottage with 2' foot wide walls and, until recently, have been using a portable gas heater to supplement the central heating, and that partly did contribute to the extra moisture in...