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    The Part P scam

    Yehbut , Why not ?.
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    The Part P scam

    seeing that the ridiculous PartP scam is now well into year 5 (I think),it would not surprise me one little bit if these pompous under informed beaurocratic twits dreamed up another ludicrous scheme such as part x,y,z, or whatever for D.I.Y. carpentery,painting ,or even pointing your own...
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    Electricy Meter Being Changed, Isolater

    I think the advantages of installing a 100Amp isolator between C/U and Kwh meter far out weigh the disadvantages for quite obvious reasons to us all here ,its also highly unlikely that a 100Amp iso will malfunction as during its whole lifespan it is probably utilized maybe 4 or 5 times...
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    Consumer Unit change for elecsa assessment

    I think there maybe a health and safety issue overiding the very gray area of seal removal,firstly I have been onto jobs where the meter cable (tails) are only fit for a museum,so to replace these crumbling relics with 25mm2,it is of major importance you follow the H&S route and get rid of the...
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    Ravenheat CSI 85 boiler shuts down

    After loads of head scratching ,eventually found out that this boiler has a system called auto venting at the top inside the boiler itself,I was told this could be blocked with limescale and not allowing air out from the highest point ,lo & behold when I removed the small brass float chamber,it...
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    Ravenheat CSI 85 boiler shuts down

    My 7 year old boiler has started to shut off before the rads have got to the required heat,i.e. the room thermostat is (at 18C) still asking for heat from the boiler I have replaced both DHW &CH thermistors,and for good measure also replaced the reset cut out situated far left on the front...
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    lead gas piping

    Yep ,get help from a new GREYHOUND registered technician gas engineer,(stands for ,Gas Regulations European Yardstick,for HOU sing,& Normal Domestics, (Gas installations,)he,ll be able to do this blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back,some of these men have served over 7 years full...