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    Painting a Patio

    I've seen paint in B&Q that was intended for concrete floors, this might be what you need. Can't remember what it was called, think it might have been 'garage paint' or something
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    Gravel patio on sloping wet ground.....

    I've laid three slab patios and never had any weeds come through the gaps but that's probably because I put down a 2-3 inch layer of dry-mix first Any patio you lay next to your house has to slope away from it. Normally you would lay the patio so that it's almost level and just sloping away...
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    Lawnmower engines

    Thanks for the replies - I see the Haynes manual is available on Amazon. I also found the Honda engine manual for my mower (on Honda's website) there are some instructions in there about what you should do before storing the mower for long periods - basically I think it's just emptying the...
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    Laying a patio

    I think the most important thing is to make sure your patio slopes away from the garage. You need to mark out carefully using pegs, string, spirit level etc. I'd also go 6 inches out rather than 2 inches - with a 2-inch gap it would be easy for debris and rotting leaves to form a bridge.
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    Shed Base - what to do?

    I have 2 sheds, a small potting shed built from a kit, and a large shed/workshop I built from scratch Small shed is laid on treated softwood battens on top of a slab base (which in turn is laid on 2-inch drymix) Large shed has a base frame made of 2x6 treated joists and this frame is...
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    Lawnmower engines

    Anyone know of any good sources of information on repair and maintenance of lawnmower (4-stroke) and strimmer (2-stroke) engines? What is "winterising" your mower?
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    Repairing Petrol-engined Strimmer

    Bought a petrol-engined strimmer from B&Q last year. During the winter the rubber/latex tubes that connect the fuel reservoir with the engine/carburettor bits (I'm not very technical when it comes to engines) perished, i.e they developed cracks. As a result the fuel leaks out of these tubes and...
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    Shed - Weatherboarding Leaks

    Sorry I think I could have been more clear in the original post: I laid the t&g weatherboarding horizontally not vertically....with an overlap at the bottom...
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    Shed - Weatherboarding Leaks

    In April 2004 I built a 12ft x 8ft shed in my garden to a plan I found in an American book. I modified the plan where necessary to suit the materials that are available locally (I live in SW Scotland). The main modification was the type of exterior cladding for the walls. In the book...