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    Indesit W133uk drum/pulley bolt problem

    held in by locktite- heat up with blow lamp and hit to shock free
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    zanussi 1050

    Check carbon brushes
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    Hoover Quattro 1400 Washer Dryer - dryer not working

    Pump partially blocked or associated pipework
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    Is connecting a washingmachine difficult?

    Take transit brackets/bolts out read the manual for this-forgetting could write machine off
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    hotpoint wm66 wont spin

    brushes,try a search
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    candy sp120 washing machine

    Module shouldnt affect fill to machine-fill is done with valves pressure switch and pump
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    Fully Intergrated Dishwasher Or Slot In?

    Ive been repairing appliances for 23 years and avoid built in if possible.For a basic dishwasher not too expensive go for whirlpool with electro mechanical controls-hope this helps.
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    candy sp120 washing machine

    Sounds like pressure system fault
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    Hoover Logic 1300 Washer Drier. Wet clothes from dryer.

    Its not pumping as quickly as it should- check pump/outlet for blockages
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    Creda Capri Gas Oven, Pilot light only

    Almost certainly flame failure device (ffd/fsd) -look for price of component on net before scrapping appliance
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    Bottle cooler

    will try National Refrigeration supplies in Cardiff
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    Bottle cooler

    Trying to source condenser fan motor for Osborne two door bottle cooler, no model or serial number on appliance,any help appreciated
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    theres a stat located top right of door opening
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    Noisy proline fridge freezer

    If its frost free type ,check for ice down back of freezer section as build up can foul fan blade
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    Ferroli Optima 901 Hot water issues

    Could also try removing flow restrictor
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    no hot water on a ferroli 77ff

    Hot water thermistor?
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    Candy Tumble Drier CIC 60

    Its a thermal fuse which can be replaced but is difficult for diy as soldering in place can cause fuse to melt-if you replace element it comes with different stats on new one
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    Hawk FER Combi boiler wont fire up for the heating

    Suggest you change both sensors
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    Bosch SMV5503GB07

    Sounds as though machine has leaked into base and as activated anti flood switch in base of machine
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    Candy Tumble Drier CIC 60

    The thermal cut out has gone open circuit-this is part of the heater element situated at back of machine behind metal panel