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    Advice Req. - (bloody wife)

    Man, the answer is starring yo right in the face.. Purchase the correct satin finish product in the apropriate colour, enhance this with the introduction of a completely new brush. Take said items, wrap in an attractive design wrapping paper, place a discete card on it, write some nice...
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    Dulux Paint Pods

    Wash your mouth out that man......... Brush was first, then came the roller, now we are in the revolution of spray..!!!! So you consider an automated roller, hey, spray has that, you thinks its fast to clean up..? This clean up is done by reverse suction, yep, thats right, IT SUCKS ...
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    Spraying railings

    Hammerite, Great product when it came out but things have changed since then, Dulux, Johnstones, Crown all do metal coatings for anti rust and external use at a much better price and great coverage. ALL external metal coatings totaly rely on you getting a perfect, NON pinholed coverage. The...
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    Spray Painting Kitchen Doors And Drawers

    Hi, if you want that perfect showroom finish in either a high gloss shine or a flatter more satin finish and you want to spray it, give me a shout, I have a lot of spraying experience trained by Graco, sprayed in all types of materials for last 12 years. Now employed by a world leading HVLP...
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    Painting on to new plaster, do I need a basecoat?

    Always a good trade paint, never the retail stuff from the DIY stores, this a never as good as a trade paint. Mist coat you said ? I take it you intend to spray the paint then, If so, drop your paint down by 10 to 15% because 2 full coats neat from a sprayer is very heavy (remember, a...
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    MDF extra smooth finish/Cracking!!

    Last comment is completely correct, proper MDF sealant, primer and paint. NO WATER based products allowed anywhere near the MDF. If its a high humidity day, let the MDF drie as even humidity can effect it. It you want to get a perfect finish, hire a HVLP spray unit to put your finish coats on...
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    What Airless Sprayer to use with Peelaway1?

    Just a word to the wise, I spent 8 years as a manager for one of the largest ailess paint spray manufacturers in the world. Spraying a paint stripper is a definate no no. reason: Yest the product WILL migrate to places where you dont want it, nextdoors conservatory roof, car, fence, plants...