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    How can u test if a pump is not working

    If it is getting voltage to it and is not turning it is obviuosly faulty but if it is turning and you want to know if it is performing properly, isolate the electrical supply to it, remove the live and neutral wires, with a multimeter measure the resistance (ohms) accross the live...
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    Worcester Bosch 24i Junior

    Hi! how long should it take this boiler to heat up a 3bed semi with 7 rads? is this boiler suitable for my property? THE BOILER IS CERTAINLY SUITABLE FOR YOUR PROPERTY AND IT SHOULDN'T TAKE LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES TO HEAT EVERYTHING UP. oh just to add - i havent received any gas...
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    Gas Bill Massively Up / Pls help with Set-Up

    Do the regs apply to domestic properties? If a cylinder stat is set at 50c surely the water at the top will be 60c? Or do the newer stats allow for that? Have you heard about the new reg for bath temperatures? It's supposed to come in later this year!
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    Gas Bill Massively Up / Pls help with Set-Up

    Hi, Firstly, Have you had the installatoin engineers back to have a check? Also have you had your gas meter changed recently, if so they might be chaging you for imperial readings and not metric. That's probably a long shot but check it out. The actual boiler temperature settings sound...
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    Vaillant VUW 242/1

    Ha ha! sorry! They are normally 0.5 - 0.75 bar, but you'd better check with the manufacturer>
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    combi boiler training

    The book I gave you a link for explains all the different symptoms and what faults they point at and how to test each individual component it's well worth buying!
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    combi boiler training

    Hi, The advice from jonjb sounds about right! but if you want to learn exactly how combi boilers work, read the book I have put a link to below, before you go on any courses especially ones you have to pay alot of money for...
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    Vaillant VUW 242/1

    Hello, Check the FAQ page, you will need a pecil type pressur gauge and a bicycle foot pump.
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    Boiler keeps tripping

    It could either be a lazy pump or the ch system might need flushing. The easiest way to test a pump is to elctrically isolate the ch pump, use a multimeter to measure resistance over the live and neutral terminals. If the readings are, 150 - 200 ohs the pump is ok Any other reading...
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    Worcester Greenstar boiler stat keeps clicking

    It's probably a relay switch on the pcb making the clicking noise.
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    Boiler not responding to the receiver.

    Hi, Electrically isolate the boiler remove the two room stat wires and link them, then try it then if it works it is definately the room stat and if it doesn't work it's the boiler.
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    Different hot/cold water pressure

    Hi, An unvented system will have a pressure reducing valve on the cold main feed to the cylinder. Feeding an appliance with 22mm feeds won't increase the pressure but will increase the flow. I would say run the mains in 22mm and feed the appliances in 15mm, just check the size of the...
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    Opinions please on this combi install? All ok? Pics attached

    Hi, A - I'd say the gas pipe looks fine, it certainly doesn't contravene any regulations. Whether it should have been run behind the kitchen units should have been discussed when pricing the job. B - The small bent pipe coming out of the wall is a pressure relief pipe, if your boiler was...
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    Hi, To test the divertor valve, wait until the system is cold, run a hot tap, if when the boiler fires for hot water the flow pipe to the radiators gets hot you know the divertor valve is faulty. If it is faulty the whole valve will need replacing.
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    doing compression fittings.....a little help please?

    For the end of the hose you will need a 1/2" x 15mm male copper to iron, don't be tempted to use a 15mm compression socket because it doesn't have a flat face for the washer to sit on. Don't use PTFE just use the washer.
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    doing compression fittings.....a little help please?

    PTFE - POLYTETRAFLUROETHELENE (I think or something like that anyway) Only use PTFE on threaded joints e.g. iron pipe, copper to irons, radiator tails etc.
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    CH Pump Size

    Definately look into the cleanliness of your system, but if you are going to fit a new pump check the watt rating on it not just the head of pressure it can work to. Most pumps are between 80-120 watts the higher it is the more powerful it will be!
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    doing compression fittings.....a little help please?

    Hi Do not put PTFE tape on a compression joint and don't listen to anybody who tells you to. To make a good compression joint slide the nut and olive over the end of the pipe and spread some jointing compound around the end of the pipe (don't put it in or on the fitting) then push the pipe...
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    Brittony 28SE

    I bought a thermistor for about £5 last week maybe the price varies in regions. Is the system clean?