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    bedding stone shower tray on polyurethane foam

    I liked this idea, too, and just tried it today when installing a 1 metre square cast stone tray. It worked perfectly. I put down an even bed of mortar first using a home-made spreader, and the tray dropped onto the bed perfectly aligned first time. Strongly recommended method! Thanks "big-all".
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    Intermittent noises from CH system

    All rads are properly bled. To Brummylad: Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I was beginning to come to a similar conclusion. Do you have any good ideas as to how to change a radiator valve without fully draining down the system (as it has just been poweflushed and refilled)? Do you have any...
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    Intermittent noises from CH system

    Over the last year my CH system has become very noisy on an intermittent basis. We get loud humming and banging noises from some of the radiators which can only be stopped by turning the relevant thermostatic valve up full. Any ideas how to cure?