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    Soakaway overflow, downpipe fills up.

    Thanks Freddy, I hate researching all that stuff, very helpful. :D
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    Soakaway overflow, downpipe fills up.

    Yeah, i had considered the same thing. The complicating factor is the downpipe is adjoined on a semi-detached and the soakaway is actually in next doors garden. I suppose the a new one could go anywhere. I'll try and get something a bit more sturdy the bottom seal on the connector. bathroom...
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    Soakaway overflow, downpipe fills up.

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my downpipe which is causing water to leak onto my brickwork and causing damp. When it rains heavily the attached soakaway fills up, it appears the seal to the soakaway is to tight (underground) that the downpipe then fills all the way up to the top of the...
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    Water proofing a single skinned util's room - any pointers?

    Hi guys I need some advice regarding securing my single skinned utility room / conservatory against water and possible damp. I recently moved in to my new home which has a small utility room / conservatory built on the back of the kitchen, it's heated and seems structurally sound. It's...