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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    If you have the same crap engine i have with the fuel tank top back of unit do all what john lists strip the carb and blow it out with as much air pressure you can get your hands on, then when runnin there is a small black adjuster ontop of the carb while the engine is hunting turn the screw...
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    He he he i went to our local mower man in the town he said i have never seen that model before sorry cant help you cant tell you what i said, anyhow have just taken all apart again and while it was runin i adjusted the black screw on the carb and it does seem better, i have also changed the oil...
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    Just off up the alotment we are re covering one of the polly tunnels when i get back later i am going to have another mess but i do agree with you sounds like lack of fuel but why go like this so quick Thanks john
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    The bowl is not totaly round it steps down and ther are two bolts one i think is to empty the carb and the other removes the bowl i have blown out with compresed air from a can which i use at work to blow out gas jets petrol flows great from the tank i know what you are saying aboutnthe float i...
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    Thanks john after work i spent anothe 2 hours on it but still the same all is clean as before if i restrict the air intake a bit it runs great one thing i did not say when its hunting or revving the silver bar that connects to the engine block then to a spring then to the carb does move when its...
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    Thanks john i did take out the two jets one is a single jet and the other has multiple jets round it i did clean these but i can did it again just in case
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    Dont have a choke on this one thing i did do when it was runnin i took the cover off removed the foam filter and put my thumb over the air intake and the engine ran smooth soon as i removed my thumb the engine started hunting again very strange i checked the gaskets all seem ok
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    Hi all i got an18 month mountfield p414 the engine has started hunting or reving high then low i have cleaned the carb but still i have read that the govener keeps the engine revvs stable any ideas or should i just buy a new one
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    Worcester combi HW problem

    Ive done one of these, you will find the HW heat exchanger is scaled up dont try and clean it replace it !!! then fit a scale master to your cold water inlet on the boiler and change it every three years, with the boiler drained down fill system with X400 and leave it in. Job Done P
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    TRV\\\'s water direction

    Find out what type of TRV's you have most of them are dual flow this means you can put them of either the flow or the return it makes no difference. also you can take the top of the TRV and see if the needle is free if not WD40 may free them,
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    Noisy Boiler

    Have you got the pump on high if not turn to high, have you got a bypass fitted or leave 1 rad with out trv's, i would say you have a flow problem sort it out before you get lime build up in the heat exchanger
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    Apollo 30/50B Noisy Boiler

    I went to the same problem last week, the gas valve is modulating it alters the gas pressure to the burner, when the boiler gets up to temp the flame starts to drop does the noise start lower the stat on the heating side after the boiler is hot when you lower the stat does the noise start ...
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    PowerMax 155 Whistling

    Get yourself a tin od spray silicone and get some into the fan its not a solution but it will work sort term and you may get an answer, with the pump when its making the noise turn the pump speed up and down and see what happens?? ive been to breakdowns with these kind of noises and the pump has...
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    cold radiators

    A few things to try: turn the pump onto full, turn all rads off upstairs then open them 1 turn only to allow more water downstairs, clean the system with a quality cleaner. I have been to loads of problems like this and i find that if you balance the system it normaly works, Good luck...
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    Suggestions for a new trading name please

    A. R. Sole Plumbing & Heating mmmmm I think I would remember that ?? :oops:
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    Plumbing Training Courses

    Hey ive just been told if you aint got your Gorgi opps sorry Corgi ticket you aint a Proper Plumber !!!
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    Bypass valves for TRVs

    It does not matter what valve you put in it can be an auto one or just a gate valve a gate valve 1/4 turn open and the auto well its an auto and it does not matter where you put it as long as you have a circulation building regs suggest you leave one rad short of a TRV and in the same room fit a...
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    Radiators on when water is heating

    If its a gravity feed system the check valve may be shot
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    Suggestions for a new trading name please

    yrerrrr sure My Acountant also said to me never use Abbreviations its looks crap and nowone will never remember you,
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    To Vent or Not to Vent!!

    I fitted a combi boiler years ago on a farm he only had a spring at the top of one of his fields i diverted the spring into a holding tank and pumped it to the boiler worked ace, so you can get round any situation and no im not going to do it for you