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    What counts as a "simular matirial" for a PD exten

    Completely agree with Freddiemerc' hacking off old render is a thankless task & bricks likely will be shabby afterwards. Then you will have cost of re-render. I'm not keen on cement render but there are other considerations; are you in a terrace / semi detached, are they also rendered or is...
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    Neighbours outbuilding will block light- no known permission

    They should give you written notice between 2 months to 1 year BEFORE they start work... Although it may only just be 2.4m high, it does look as if they are pushing the limits! How are they going to maintain their building on your side? I'm surprised they have ANY windows on other neighbours...
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    How do I insulate solid walls?

    It's an old post but in case anyone else finds themselves here in search of advice... As some other replies have said & as the original poster finally did do, K18 mechanically fixed is what you should do with solid walls. K17 or any other boards on dot & dab adhesive on exterior walls can...
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    underfloor heating problems

    Thanks for the tip. I've done a fair bit of brazing to steel when I had a nice little oxy torch set up but they stopped supplying those oxy cyls a few years back. Silver I've used on m/c fuel tank repairs but not much else. Actually I think it was silver recommended for solar not braze...
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    underfloor heating problems

    Well I stripped my gauges down and they cleaned up a bit but really replacement is the only option & as I said, put a filter in as well. With all this phosphorus stuff etc e're getting off the thread here but... Re. brazing v's soft solder, I read somewhere that in some solar installs' the...
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    underfloor heating problems

    Indeed! But when we buy our Basic Baked Beans from T*sco the cans do actually contain beans & sauce. Just that when you need a good feed, half a can doesn't do it. :) Taxes, congrats on the birthday. I got the bit about unscrewing, did wonder if you had originally meant "don't" use a spanner...
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    underfloor heating problems

    Resurrecting an old thread but have to say; taxes replies are spot on. Thanks for your clear advice. I don't know if suts89 tried to dismantle & clean the flow gauges? I am flushing my system at the mo' & was wondering if they came apart. Regarding this particular Nu-heat system, which...