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    Identify Old Beading

    Yes I think that’s the route I will have to take until I can find a used Anglian window to salvage some bead from.
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    Identify Old Beading

    Yes I agree it’s a long shot, Anglian surprisingly suggest a new conservatory!
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    Identify Old Beading

    I had to replace one of the sealed units on a small opening unit of a conservatory. Due to the age of the conservatory, one of the beads was brittle and broke. The conservatory was installed by Anglian windows around 1998 and is externally glazed - can anyone identify the profile please?
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    Toilet Concealed Flush-Suggestions please.

    Currently have the above with a Fluidmaster Valve & a Ideal Standard Flush Plate .I replaced the valve as the flush is quite difficult to operate & also replaced the air pipe but the problem remains has anyone a recommendation to replace the (9"x6") Flush panel or should I try a different...
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    Recommendation for Concealed Flush

    Can someone recommend a good brand of concealed flush, I replaced the existing one with a Macdee unit but the flush is still poor - The water level is fine, the pneumatic air tubes are new and not too long.
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    Aeg Bearing replacement

    Can the bearings I in an AEG Lavamat L14510V1 (Type P6498449) be replaced and how difficult a job is it in this particular model.
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    Wheezing sound from Ideal Classic

    This is a non condensing boiler, it's about 18 years old and every engineer who has serviced it has said leave it alone & don't change it for a ' condensing boiler' Whilst I accept that Ideal made a troublesome boiler with the Isar/ Icos , I have been happy with this one.But to keep on topic can...
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    Wheezing sound from Ideal Classic

    Can anyone suggest what might be causing the above, It's not a Kettling sound - it's more like an asthmatic Parrot! It's has only just started a couple of days ago other than that the Boiler is working fine . ( A Powerflush was carried out about 5 weeks ago)
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    Ideal Isar Advice Please

    Whilst I appreciate these are the worst boilers made I have one which is used to heat a Koi pond via a Heat Exchanger and at the moment I can't afford to replace it. The problem is that whist it fires up it for about 2 mins then shuts down. The fan works, boiler fires up and gets hot but no heat...
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    Heating Advice Appreciated

    Ok so here we go , system is a conventional Ideal Classic Boiler ( Downstairs) with open vented system. No problem until this winter and only the upstairs would warm up then hot water was tepid. Motorised valve replaced and hot water back to normal, Bleeding radiators got to be a daily...
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    Oven light wont turn off !

    No there's no door contact. It is either on when oven is operating or via light on off switch on the fascia
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    Oven light wont turn off !

    The oven light blew last night, so I have replaced the bulb - everything works except the oven light will not turn off!. I have tried powering off for 10 mins then re-setting the clock but still it doesn't turn off. The Cooker is a Siemens HB750550B
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    New chp required -advice re legislation please.

    A friend had his central heating pump pack up - the plumber said that he is not allowed to replace the existing Grunfoss pump with an identical one . He states that the EU regulations require him to fit an Eco 'A' rated pump is this correct?
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    Suggestions for new boiler please.

    Just one Bathroom and one en-suite, the reason I dont want the combi is that firstly my wife really wants to keep the airing cupboard (stops her using the tumble dryer), plus we have appalling low mains water pressure -a standard bath takes about 45 mins to fill - we now have a whole house pump...
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    Suggestions for new boiler please.

    I am thinking of having my Ideal Classic RS60 (Wall mounted) boiler replaced for something more economical and wondered what your suggestions for a replacement would be ? We do want to keep the hot water cylinder rather than use a combi.
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    Ideal Isar Status 'p' ?

    Yep spot on its in an outbuilding - Thanks for that .
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    Ideal Isar Status 'p' ?

    The boiler has been running for about 4 years . It does sound as if a fan is running ! I have pressed reset and it doesn't appear to make any differance.
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    Ideal Isar Status 'p' ?

    Can someone tell why my Ideal Isar is showing 'p' in the display ?. I have tried switching it off and back on but it still shows 'p'
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    Can you recommend Good Wire Strippers

    Can someone suggest a good brand of wire strippers that won't go blunt or break in a couple of months!!