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    8mm Microbore to 15mm heating pipes

    Hi, I've had some work done by British Gas (re-piping 3 rads from 8mm to 15mm copper) at an extortionate price. Now find one other rad isn't getting hot at bottom, tho flow is hot - no heat at return. Have flushed the rad thru and read the threads about trv being stuck. Is is probable that the...
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    Shower mixer valve

    Hey TicklyT, just read my reply to your helpful post and the tone of it seems a 'bit off' - not intentional I swear! Your help is much appreciated.
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    Shower mixer valve

    Now I really do feel stupid- many thanks TicklyT. Taking your lead I've just had a look at the Screwfix website and found this............... Shower Bar Mixer Shower Fixing Kit Simplifies and improves the fixing of thermostatic bar valves. Suitable for any surface-mounted bar mixer or...
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    Shower mixer valve

    I feel stupid asking this question but my brain hurts trying to figure it out. I'm installing a new shower base/cubicle/mixer valve but can't find any obvious means of getting the valve assembly securely fixed to the shower wall (similar to a Grohe Grohtherm 2000 exposed mixer valve - only a...