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    Advice for Lime plaster walls

    Hi all, Recently brought a cottage that is quite old and clearly has lime plaster in places. Some areas have been replaced with modern plaster (kitchen for example) and others have had modern plaster skimmed over the lime plaster... My problem - the room I want to paint is currently...
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    Shower Pump failing?

    Thanks for the ideas. I was also thinking the mixer could be the cause of the fault. This shower is fitted into the wall so I have no way to remove / inspect it that I know of - any ideas? I know that when the shower is working - the hot temp gets much hotter than what we have it at usually...
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    Shower Pump failing?

    Hi all, new to the site but spent some time searching and could not find a report of this problem. I have a gravity fed system located in the loft of my house. This system consists of a boiler, hot water tank and a raised cold water storage tank (for hot water only) in the loft. I have mains...