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    Potterton Puma 80 e, lockout on DHW

    Thanks all for the replies, going to have to find some enthusiasm and go look again. Just given up servicing 6-7 boilers a day AND ITS GREAT. Just srew it to the wall and f... ... now, lovely :lol:
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    Potterton Puma 80 e, lockout on DHW

    Hi, had a very quick look at one the other day and CH runs ok, but when HW is run the water gets to temp and goes to lock out after about 1 min. But the symptom is the gas goes out, tries to relight, recognises no gas and locks out. My solenoid tester stops spinning when gas goes out, so no...
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    Public liability?

    Thought as much after I'd put all that. Getting a quote from courtprice, looks good. Thanks for the input, slowly getting there.
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    Public liability?

    Bally hell K, so I'm being un realistic then?
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    Public liability?

    Hi Chris, yep, corgi mag, online, fed up with putting details in. Just wondered on the excess thing, dont mind £300 for cover, but £500 excess is ridiculous. Got some calls to make monday to recheck some quotes. Taking the plunge you see, cant believe how much work is out there.
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    Public liability?

    Getting some quotes, cant seem to get 2 mil under £300, for gas/plumbing. But what is a decent excess, my cheapest quote wants £500 :shock: , doesn't seem worth it. Anyone got some good pointers to a decent deal?
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    hot tubs

    Hi toffee, we must chat somewhen, cant seem to catch you on line. So, how old are these friends. We all get to that 'bored' stage of marriage, fantasising about one more thow of the dice! Getting a hot tub [great idea] seems an extraordinary way of seeing/touching your neighbour in a swim...
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    I'm with BOB, that story, hardly an imaginative one, was a load of carp. What a sad case to spend so long at a keyboard writing such rubbish. Attention seeking methinks. Lets face it, if you spend as much time on forums as he did the only way is up. Story telling is the only 'next fix'.
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    endowment short falls

    I'll register another vote to do it yourself. We did and won. Not difficult, just keep writing letters. Lets face it, if you save £350 then have an extra week off work, you'll have earnt it!
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    Prescott's got pneumonia

    That arrogant [oink] has spent his political life destoying the countryside, was really upset at the news. As in the country, chickens usually come home to roost, lets hope so. :lol:
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    New Olympics Logo

    I think that logo is shrike aswell, how on earth can you justify such money on such garbage when a few people have come up wih better stuff for free. Gravy train [or underground] just starting.
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    sorry... but toilet seats

    C'mon toffee, you're only jealous cos you haven't got one. Hello luvee, how are you. Where have you been woman, missed you :?
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    Roast Beef Sunday Dinner ...

    Paperback yet?
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    First ticket in 23 years of driving

    You mean to say you've never broken the speed limit in 23 yrs? You must owe 'em one :wink: .
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    Been away.

    Wot, they've metamorphasised[?] into all those. What have they been up to?
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    Been away.

    Well if you had no arms and legs [ I do have enough of those], it would be positively HUGE to cross. Hello emellbefreesee, how are u?
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    Been away.

    I've been other side of room for months, not posted for ages. So where is every/anyone. Dellsmp, gasgirl, brightness, toffee, et al?
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    Potterton Suprima

    Absolutely anything other than a Baxi/Potterton on principle. My choice? Well, a woodburner, nice and reliable :lol:
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    Me and my computer have just fallen out [again!]

    Hi all, does anyone know why, on another forum, I cannot read any posts because the text appears then vanishes after about half a second [draw breath, long sentence!]. I can use this forum ok, and another, but the new one, which is a good un, plays up. I can view all of the site, the post...
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    Caption Contest 75

    Can't think of anything funny, but I'll keep looking anyway! :lol: