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    dewalt battery free to collector

    sorry, dont think there is a message system (wrong forum :oops: ) if you give me a ring on ************** ill arrange delivery with you. im in cardiff myself, where are you based?? _____________________________ Modeartor 3, I have deleted your phone number for your protection, just update...
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    dewalt battery free to collector

    i have a 12 volt dewalt battery and a 12 volt elu battery and charger (they both fit dewalt/elu drills) free to collector or i can post if needed. if anyone wants them pm me. spare due to losing the cordless!!
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    New decking

    imagination, set a budget, and DONT FORGET THE SCREWS!!! a very expensive mistake that i do all the time!!!
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    Landing edging

    any shaping you need to do can either be done with beading which can be glued or pinned on or can be routered, the baserails are preshaped. if you need something routered give me a shout and you could use my one.
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    Landing edging

    are you renewing the spindles?? if so the existing baserail could come up and you can renew it with pine. as for the rest it could come off and be renewed, just be careful what it is tied into. as you see im in cardiff myself if you want me to pop in and see if i can give you any advice id be...
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    Fitting acrylic bath panel

    yes they can be cut with a handsaw, take your time and i always find if you keep the saw at a shallow angle it cuts better, the panel can crack quite easily so try to keep it well supported. ive cut alot of acrylic bath panels and never had a problem, but some others on the forum may have better...
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    Kitchen Worktop - how do I join two sections?

    if you havent got a router, try to chisel out square pockets inthe back of the worktop, drill through from the edge of the worktop, cut some threaded bar, fit through worktops with washers and nuts, spread the colorfill adhesive and tighten up, this should work a bit better than flat plates, to...
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    Patio slabs / blocks directly onto old concrete

    if you use the 5 spot method, use tidy sized spots and once you tap the slab down level, the mix will basically spread out to the size of the slabs and practically leave no voids.
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    lead to copper joint leaking

    picked up a leadloc fitting and it worked great!
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    lead to copper joint leaking

    Option 2: If the situation is such that a repair is necessary, lead-to-copper compression fittings should be used. These fittings can be used to connect the lead pipe to either copper or plastic pipe. The water supply should be turned off and the pipes drained. Use a hacksaw to cut a small...
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    lead to copper joint leaking

    i have a leak on the joint between copper and lead, im ok at plumbing with copper but not too sure about this one, is there a compression fitting available for lead to copper or does it need repairing??? ive taken out the copper pipe from the lead and cleaned it up and tried to solder it but it...
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    Timber decking above asphalt flat roof

    posting at 5.13am? cant you sleep!!!! spacing of the supports woul depend upon size of joists etc, it is hard to say without seeing the job, i personally have never decked over a flat roof before,but i would think it may be an idea to try and fit a steel rsj through the centre of the deck to...
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    Timber decking above asphalt flat roof

    assuming the area is 6m x 5m?? i would say the span is probably a bit wide without any support in the centre. withot knowing actual sizes it is hard to say. as for buying it from wickes i would maybe try some timber yards first, most now do the decking and you can normally get a better price...
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    strength of 4x4

    could you use concrete lintels and cap them with timber??
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    Saw question...

    dont know what your budget is, but you may be able to pick up a flip over saw second hand at a reasonable price, so you will have both saws in one.
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    Small infestations can be treated with two generous coats of woodworm killer. Furniture can be treated by injecting the fluid into some of the holes with an applicator. Large outbreaks should be treated by a pest control company. taken from a web page, hope this helps!!