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    Help finding drain cock to repressurise worcester 28i junior

    I only use the prv to drain down when I am replacing the boiler.
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    Worchester Bosch 28i Junior OR 30CDi?

    cdi is the best but try a 30si as this will split the difference in price if not spec
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    Ideal Isar HE30 (combi)

    I thought the loud clunking noises and water ****ing out of the bottom were standard features
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40CDI...Good Choice???

    I love cdis excellent boilers
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    Gas pressure falling and cooker affected when heating on

    call transco out they will have a look if it needs replacing they will if not call the installer back sounds like it could be the governer
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    Worcester 28CDi RSF - Increasing Pressure

    I would contact wb they do a fixed price repair
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    New central heating system - opinion needed on components

    Stay away from the flexic**t if you don't fancy an ri go for the valliant
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    Flexicom combi cutting out

    get glow worm out as agile said.
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    Worcester Greenstar 30si

    Thats just a stat you will need a clock as well and you will have to run cable. The wb dt20 will do all this and control the preheat on your boiler for £120 not that expensive really.
  10. J


    Always fit a magna clean if possaable
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    Radiator installation + gas fire price match !!!!

    I charge £50 to quote and refund if the job goes ahead, gets rid of the time wasters.
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    Magnaclean versus Spirovent

    magna fit one were ever possible.
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    BG blag

    fitting new cylinder controls pump and 15ri + magna clean and flush tomorrow for £2480 so a similar job from the gas board for £2800 is not that bad.
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    Which Boiler

    I only fit one make of boiler as a rule(wb), like g4y it is out of choice and I would go for the greenstar miles better than the other 2
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    Worcester 30CDI

    If the boiler is a conventional boiler he will be better of with a 2 channel clock and a wireless stat
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    Boiler specs

    Don't go near the flexic**t would rather fit an isar
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    Worcestor Bosch

    Wb now offering 5 year warranty on boiler depending on who you get to fit it.
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    Worcester or Vaillant.

    wb for me fit an si at least don't fit many junior's
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    Boilers - pressurised or not

    seal the system fit new raad valves and a wb 18ri