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    damp proof corse

    well i assume the they went for the minimum 150mm rule on the outside , So the result is that the dpc is high enough o/s no to soak up water but the inside is efectivly below ground level obviously i cannot lower the dpc i can lower the o/s ground level but i still need to plaster over inside
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    damp proof corse

    hello knowledgeable ppl someone has built an extension to our house, and the problem is the dpc is @ 9" above slab (1 block up from the concrete slab) the slab is the internal floor level The blockwok has been rendered to the slab outside and to within 2" of slab level inside hence the...
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    shower cable size

    All this Part p nonsense thank god i don't do houses ! although i do get worried by the occasional diy-er asking how to rewire a house!!