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    Myson ivector rads

    Good afternoon ricfrench, Thanks for your interest in the Myson iVector, below I have attached a link for the sales brochure, if you check page 9 you will see the iVector can be typically half the size of a traditional radiator...
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    Understanding radiator sizes

    I have sent an email to you to say unfortunately we are unable to email you the calculator. However if you can email me your address I will post a disc out in the post tonight.
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    Understanding radiator sizes

    If you require the accurate heat calculations, we could provide you with a heatloss calculator or be able to clarify the measurements over the phone in order for you to purchase the correct radiator.
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    Electric underfloor heating - do I need a complete rewire?

    Depending on how old your property actually is would determine whether you need a complete rewire due to the new regulations however a qualified electrician would be able to tell you whether the work is required and also the cost. Our electric underfloor heating works on 150watts per square...
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    Do I need a new radiator?

    PeterthePlumber is correct, replacing the valve would solve the problem rather than replacing a good condition radiator. When replacing the valve why not use a myson matchmaster valve that will compensate the myson radiator. The myson matchmaster conforms to BS2767-10. The valve is available...