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    Valliant Ecotec keeps switching off

    I have a Valliant Ecotec that was fitted in February. I have been running the heating on constant during the cold weather and this evening the boiler has switched itself off. There is no error code but when I press the button on the box that is connected from the mains to the boiler, that has...
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    Is 3.0 bar too high on a Valiant ecotec?

    Many thanks...I was worried that the boiler would explode or something. I'll try draining some water out of one of the radiators
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    Is 3.0 bar too high on a Valiant ecotec?

    Hi, I had a Vaillant ecoTEC boiler fitted earlier this year and all has been fine until I got home from a week working away on Friday. The boiler was off and after searching on this forum for the error code which was F22 I managed to resolve this! I turned the two grey knobs and the boiler...