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  1. Drillbit

    Demolish Retaining Wall and Replace/ Fence

    Suspect the cheapest option (sadly) is to demolish entirely and replace with fencing. Reducing the wall height and then adding fencing on top is a nice idea, but the wall would probably not safely support 60mm fence panels; you could fix the panels via posts fixed in front of the wall but you...
  2. Drillbit

    Acho drains

    If the patio slopes towards the grass, the aco won't hardly be picking anything up anyway. If those drains go to a separate surface water sewer you could connect to them. (To be honest I doubt the water companies randomly inspect private houses so I shouldn't worry too much, I'm just saying what...
  3. Drillbit

    Acho drains

    You aren't really supposed to drain rainwater runoff into a general drain like that which goes into the sewage system. Rather than an ACO next to the house, you want to ensure all external landscaping (which should be min. 150mm lower than DPC) drains away from the house towards lawns and...
  4. Drillbit

    Leaky roof- repairs enough?

    Isn't 8K in new roof territory?
  5. Drillbit

    A decent garden hose ,,,,

    I bought a hose from Aldi a few years which had a floppy rubber inner hose within a tough fabric sheath; it expands slightly and taughtens in use. It doesn't kink and is very easy to put away. The nearest thing I can see online is this Gardena, which is a good brand...
  6. Drillbit

    Fence - Who?

    The convention is if it's your fence, you put it up with the good side facing the neighbour - so if the posts are on her side, that points to it being her fence. I would put some temporary barrier in place and breezily mention that you have put it there as a stop gap measure until she has a...
  7. Drillbit

    Sleeper bedding before or after paving?

    How tall is the flower bed? Unless you're building a retaining wall with them, you don't really need to concrete sleepers in, usually people fix them with timber or metal stakes. Remember the flower bed will need to drain (into the ground) and ideally be open to the soil underneath.
  8. Drillbit

    Edging needed for this patio?

    No need for an edging, just lay them on a mortar bed. As you say, priming the back of the slabs with an SBR/mortar slurry will ensure good adhesion.
  9. Drillbit

    Tips for laying patio edging

    I read your other thread - there is no need to put an edging in if you are laying on a full mortar bed. A 50mm flat top concrete edging would spoil the look of Indian sandstone paving IMO! If you must have an edging make it stone. But it isn't needed. You do have an edging to the front. And if...
  10. Drillbit

    New Patio Drain Covers

    Example with pics
  11. Drillbit

    New Patio Drain Covers

    You need to get rid of the old covers (and the surrounding trays) and set the new trays for the recessed manhole covers at the right level. Break away the old haunching and lay the new trays on a bed of fresh cement, using a string line for level and tapping down till they are in line with the...
  12. Drillbit

    Bombing of Al-Isra University

    The building was detonated with explosives placed by Israeli forces before they moved out. //The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) blew up the building of Al-Isra University in Gaza after 70 days of occupying it and converting it into a military barracks and a detention center. The university...
  13. Drillbit

    Radicalisation under our very noses.

    That article is nearly twenty years old...
  14. Drillbit

    It has escalated..

    G-Beebies was always staffed by lunatics.
  15. Drillbit

    It has escalated..

    The Houthis were playing the only card they really had to try and stop Israel's assault on Gaza: disrupting Israel-bound shipping in the Red Sea. And rather than urge Israel to stop, we attacked the Houthis. And now, our shipping is a target for them as well! From their perspective...
  16. Drillbit

    Patio help, feel i've taken on too much

    Also, check how much patio space you *actually* need for your outdoor furniture sets etc. That area looks quite big proportional to the garden, to me. How does it relate to the house, how will it look from the house, have you considered breaking it up - e.g you could have a smaller area where...
  17. Drillbit

    Patio help, feel i've taken on too much

    Those look like natural stone setts under the artificial grass, is that right? Personally I would lift and reuse them, unless you need a very smooth surface to the paving. Whatever you do, you should not raise levels around those trees, you would be better off shaping the patio so they sit at...
  18. Drillbit

    Ridge tiles, water ingress in bathroom (image heavy)

    Old street view image from before I had the wall repointed, the problem area is darker, grubby looking.
  19. Drillbit

    Ridge tiles, water ingress in bathroom (image heavy)

    Yep there's no overhang. These houses just seem to have been built that way.
  20. Drillbit

    Flowerbed against house wall

    100mm would be too narrow in any case, I think. Stuff would get trapped in there and it would always be a bit damp.