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    Star gazers

    I like stargazing
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    mira shower fault

    Could be a flow valve problem. I recall Mira had an issue with a batch of faulty flow valves, but the main symptom was that the shower howled like a banshee when it was turned on. Is your shower making any unusual noises?
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    Power Off Before Corded Drilling? Impossible!

    They should be (a) within 150 mm from the top of the wall or partition, or (b) within 150 mm of an angle formed by two adjoining walls or partitions, or (c) either horizontally or vertically, to the point, accessory or switchgear on the surface of the wall or partition, to which the cable...
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    What could protect against kettle fault?

    The wiring? No. Circuit protection? It is possible that over-heating of the element may eventually break down the insulation around it sufficiently to cause a leakage of current to earth. This may trip an RCD, but I would not rely on that. The answer? Buy a kettle with inbuilt boil-dry...
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    BC doesn't issue BS7671 cert?

    At last! A clear example of light touch public administration in action. Bring it on…:D
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    I think that’s because So you have a spur taken from a junction box under the floor. I guess only the earth wire in the spur cable was touching the live, which will only affect the socket at the end of the spur and anything plugged into it. The earth in the spur was "floating" at mains...
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    A few points occur to me 1. The OP is lucky to be alive. 2. This is a sound argument for RCD protection. 3. I wonder what other electrical horrors are lurking under his floorboards.
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    Trench for external electrics

    How about using one of these :?:
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    Earth Connection in Light Switch?

    Yes That should be fine. It's the bare earth wire in the middle you need to extract and use. Remember to cover with green / yellow sleeving :wink:
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    Earth Connection in Light Switch?

    Do that, and then fit a short earth "flylead" between the earth connector on the switch plate and the earth connector on the back box. Cover with green / yellow sleeving.
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    Running power from house to pond

    [/url] Does anybody know what has happened to Kevin Boone and his website? He’s gone off air now and all you get now is an agreeable picture of this blond And a message
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    Old colours to new with different cores

    That's nice. Who did that? Sounds like 3 core SWA. The convention is, with single phase SWA, to sleeve black cable with green and yellow and use it as the protective conductor. The grey is sleeved blue and used as the neutral conductor. The brown is the phase (live) conductor. So...
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    Outside Cable

    I like these
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    White 2.5 T&E

    Use grey and festoon your installation with these attractive stickers
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    Not another shower question lol

    I think Oharaf was having a blond moment :wink: OP, you might get away with 6mm for your new 8.5kw shower but suggest you upgrade to 10mm to take care of any correction factors and future proofing. You have indicated you will be employing an electrician for this work, and he will calculate...
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    Volex switches and sockets - waste of time?

    I tend to go for MK gear, and have also ordered with TLC which is a good company. I got some decent prices on MK breakers with my last order, and see they still have the offer on, for anybody who's interested...
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    Cutting down flat head screws ie those on sockets

    At last, some sensible advice for the OP. What sort of angle grinder do you use?
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    Amplifier Fuses Blown

    Have you tried Maplins?
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    electric shower - cold water won't stop running out of it!

    If it keeps running out the shower head then it is possible the water inlet solenoid has failed open. Relatively easy to replace depending on the make / model. If the water is coming out the bottom of the shower unit then it is likely to be a popped pressure release valve as Eric says.
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    New CU. Please explain - Split Loads - RCBO/RCD's

    Given that you will need Building Regs approval for that, how are you going to avoid notifying the associated electrical work? I'm no fan of the notification requirements of Part P, but can't see how you're going to get out of it. You can still quite legally do the work yourself, which should...