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    Is this plaster good enough for tiling if skimmed?

    Yes we`ve all tiled over bonding, but beware as tiles are not like they used to be, Bonding can go brittle and break away in chunks with stress, and for this reason British Standard and British Gypsum specify not to tile over bonding! roughcaster i`m not saying your wrong but times have changed...
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    Seailng between wall and floor

    All internals should be filled with silicon mastic, especially between floor and wall, just run a bead around 5mm all the way round, use the same colour silicon as the floor grout. run it smooth with a wetted finger!
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    How to spread BAL WP1 tanking?

    By trowel is best, if you brush you should brush in both directions, make sure you cannot see the background after, remember that `gunk` is a rubber membrane, any gaps and it can leak, you can also use a roller! Good luck
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    Visible joins in plasterboard after skim

    could be it was painted to soon, and the gaps between boards were large (more than 5mm) therfore the joints would take longer to dry, or if there is a ridge between boards this would be noticable, if cowboy plasterer only skimmed once (should be 2 coat)wouldn`t help. not saying he did or is.
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    Pva block wall.

    Melanie, Just wet the wall first, don`t PVA, otherwise your boards are only stuck to the pva (wood glue) and not the wall.
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    DIY plastering

    Hi Guys, Not getting into a slagging match, i am merely answering the original question, which was just walls in his own house, so the answer is still YES! i am proof that these courses do teach the nessaserry, as i attended a course over 4 years ago for 1 week, and was taught how to float...
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    bathroom tiles

    Did the tile come away from the adhesive or adhesive away from the ply!
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    DIY plastering

    ste1406, does that mean your brother in law, let you plaster a customers house! the only way to learn is by doing the job! training courses can be superb, but you need to research what you will be doing on the course as they vary so much from place to place, if you come out of a training centre...
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    dot and dab or not

    Hi Col, 300mm centres is good for the dabs, as noseall said, beware of an uneven wall just check for high points, mark where you are putting the dabs on the wall first, you can then put one dab in the centre of 2 boards, thus eliminating any problems of uneven dabs, they will push in, idealy...
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    Pricing quote two plasterboard ceilings.

    Sorry yanni / richard, misread the original spec, thought it was a reskim, so i agree no need to seal, my quote is average - maximum just a guide for yanni!
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    raising and levelling a floor - options?

    Floor screed can be laid less than 50mm, use a good mix of SBR, i`ve laid 10mm screeds and they have been down for years, but beware if using architect spec or planning department!
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    Pricing quote two plasterboard ceilings.

    Should be in the region of £250 - £300 inc mats, 1 days work, may need to seal day or evening before.
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    Unibond Vs new plaster bard?

    Tec, Definatly over-board, this will eliminate any further cracks or problems that soon may arise, remember to increase screw size, and stagger the new boards over existing, you can punch holes in existing to atain direction of boards. Good luck (don`t skimp, it pays to do it properly)