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  1. Serg

    Texecom Auto Arm query

    Can't see you area options, hope auto arm areas set to B 60 min auto arm delay timer on entry/exit zone starts when zone is closed/secured Never did have an area auto armed with open zone. I usually set auto arm area to instant arm, not timed
  2. Serg

    Hikvision worth the money?

    Don't buy CCA Cat5, rubbish! Only solid cooper cable
  3. Serg

    Texecom Alarm - handling power outage

    Global options - System timers - 15 AC Off delay
  4. Serg

    Texecom Premier Elite 48 with Flood detector

    You need a flood detector with output relay providing Normal Close and Normal Open contacts. 100% sure it is on ebay and may be some trade. This is best way to connect it to panel.
  5. Serg

    Where to purchase CCTV

    Just to mention what Enterprise may still sell Pyronix/hikvistion brand which is different from pure Hikvision. A year ago I ordered Hik Turbo HD DVR from enterprise and received Pyronix/hikvistion DVR-104Q-K. It is doing its job fine and looks the same as Hik DVR but unfortunately Pyronix...
  6. Serg

    Texecom Connect App

    'ok so you did have a app screen "enter you app code" and can go to next step "enter you panel user code" where you get stuck. is it correct? The panel can accept there only Master code. Double check your enter correct code , default is 5678
  7. Serg

    Texecom Connect App

    Sounds like you are in panel menu through wall keypad. You also need to set up users using connect app through smartphone. Open the app, login as a Master, tap "Menu" and "Manage users" option. "Use app" slider is there
  8. Serg

    Texecom Connect App

    Users don't have access to the app by default. Master user is only one who can login. As a Master go to Menu and Manage users to give them right for access to the app. Hope it helps.
  9. Serg

    Mains powered interconnected smokes - not connected?

    This model is beeping only when backup battery has low voltage
  10. Serg

    Mains powered interconnected smokes - not connected?

    Yes, but It is backup mode and for limited time.
  11. Serg

    Mains powered interconnected smokes - not connected?

    This is mains powered smoke detector with backup 9V battery so if mains presents the green light is on. Green light must be on all the time. Detectors may be wired up in different ways like a daisy chain from electric board or simply each one taking power from nearest light. You will need flat...
  12. Serg

    Mains powered interconnected smokes - not connected?

    This is Aico detector and it looks isolated as no green light. When mains isolated, unplug head from the base and check if it has core(s) terminated to IC slot on the base for interconnect operation.
  13. Serg

    Losing the will to live - texecom ricochet

    When you have Smartcom up and running make sure front lights Power, Cloud, WIFI or LAN are steady. Flashing light means no connection and you need to set up it as per manual.
  14. Serg

    Texecom & Wintex

    Depends ... if you plan to use smartphone app to control you panel online this case router is required. To be able Comwifi to work online you need to set up firewall rules in the router, open port 10001 To flash the panel you need to download Texe flasing software, get flashing interface...
  15. Serg

    Texecom & Wintex

    When you have connection to ComWifi you can link it to your router/home network. Ones it connected you only need to have your laptop connected to router. In Wintex click Edit accout and type LAN or WAN host address of ComWifi and port, usually 10001. To connect use connect via Network...
  16. Serg

    Texecom Elite 24 - Door Chime

    Yes, press and hold chime button on keypad to turn the function on. Also double check Chime tone is enabled in keypads-keypad sounds
  17. Serg

    Hikvision cable advice

    It says 0.5 Amp to be sharp As replied above - POE cameras so you can get power from NVR by cat5 cable Menwhile if any problem with power supply of NVR or it turned off your cameras are also loose power You can use stand alone power supply with back up battery to power up cameras and it...
  18. Serg

    Texecom Premier 24 driving me crazy

    LCDP is keypad with prox reader. Look for Prox print under LCD display on left side. It is where to present prox tags. 1. Global options - System config 37, change it to Grade 2 to have 4 digit codes 2. It is because the panel is Grade 3. Change it to Grade 2 as above and programing users make...
  19. Serg

    bought bt cable from internet to connect to alarm system

    It doesn't sound like a good service. Usually you don't need to use plugs on new cable, it is all connecting to terminals A and B inside of BT socket and the same to digi terminals. I wouldn't advice customers to make the connections.
  20. Serg

    upgrading from bticino door entry system to a bell model 801

    Sorry to say but your bougth wrong handset. Your need 2-wire handset Bticino 344202. I also advice to check door station and bus cable for faults as handset may not be the reason.