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  1. Simony22

    Baxi Boiler Controller

    Don't bother replacing the programmer, the likely hood is you think the programmer is a bit faulty because you can't have heating without having the hot water on, but this is correct on a gravity hot water system. Save your money and put it towards your new boiler!
  2. Simony22

    Potterton Suprima 40L not attempting to fire up...

    There is a flow switch in some of the standard efficiency suprima models it's not listed in the mi's but it is there, once you've seen one and had to repair you won't forget it in a hurry its that unusual! A gas safe engineer can work out how to repair easily :D
  3. Simony22

    Potterton Suprima 40L not attempting to fire up...

    Don't take this the wrong way but you really need a gas safe engineer not a plumber and boilers shouldn't be worked on unless they are registered engineers and competent, I can't recommend anyone in your area but honestly an experienced breakdown engineer would diagnose this quickly, it is not a...
  4. Simony22

    hive or similer

    Some have a unit hard wired to the boiler to enable a wireless room sensor, instead of a hard wired stat
  5. Simony22

    hive or similer

    The comfort setting will take you above the current room temp by whatever you program it to, so whenever you press the comfort button it will boost it for whatever degree of rise you have set ie normally 1-2 Degrees and length of time to be on
  6. Simony22

    hive or similer

    The program's and temperatures are set by you on your iPad laptop as any ordinary programmable room stat would be, you set your boost temp ie 1-2 degrees in your settings parameters and your away temp at a temp to suit you
  7. Simony22

    hive or similer

    There dead easy to fit providing a basic knowledge of heating wiring is known, for instance if you have a standard honeywell room stat with a 3 wires, make the neutral safe into the new backplate, the common into terminal 1 and call for heat terminal 4. Set your programmer to constant, plug in...
  8. Simony22

    hive or similer

    We deal with a great deal of holiday lets and weekend only homes where people want remote control, owl intuition is very simple to install and use. we fit so many to theses type of property's and to date no component failure unlike the relay units in the salus. Any of the systems require an...
  9. Simony22

    Honeywell Evohome w/partial zoning

    You can install it as you have described but it would defeat what evohome is designed to do, standard trvs won't give you the accuracy of the hr92s and you would get a conflict of the trvs being open at a time when you only want a single zone on but pottentially heating 50% of your house. A 4...
  10. Simony22

    Where to fit a 'magnaclean'

    Your wasting your money, convert the system to fully pumped or upgrade the boiler! Installing a magnaclean on a gravity system will achieve nothing!
  11. Simony22

    Programmer turning off and on every 20 secs or so

    Sounds like you've got a Honeywell st699, the slider control isn't making the contact. Get a new st799 and its a straight swop.
  12. Simony22

    Worcester Bosch 30si compact

    You need the link in unless you plan to program the pre heat from an external programmer or use there own built in. Leave the link in and the pre heat can be turned off via the Eco button