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    Colt Water Inlet Dripping?

    Yep that did the trick! Thanks a lot, saved me a £60 excess call out from British Gas :)
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    Colt Water Inlet Dripping?

    Hi We live in a new build (2015) and the Cold Inlet on the water tank in the airing cupboard has started dripping. Its not dripping from where it goes into the cylinder but rather the bit right at the end, see image. Water and heating seem to be working ok. Any ideas?
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    Insulating Attached Garage?

    Hi I am slowly turning our attached garage into a home gym, largely because we can't easily get the 5 series in there and open the doors enough to get out! Its link detatched, so our garage is connected to next doors garage, you can see the breeze block wall in the last image below between...
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    Painting Garage Walls?

    Hi I am in the process of painting my garage floor, using a sealant first followed by oil based floor paint in sections. My question is, would I be ok to paint half way up the walls with this? Its bone dry on all walls, no damp but considering the thickness of the paint, I am worried about...
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    Best way to provide outdoor power for lights?

    Its a new build which they builder said would have power in the garage. We checked before moving in and there was no power, we complained and an hour later while we were onsite, there was a double socket fitted so I need to figure out where it comes from within the house as we didn't see them...
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    Best way to provide outdoor power for lights?

    Hi So I have a double socket in my garage which seems to be a spur off the kitchen. Coming off this double socket is a single light in the garage which seems to be protected via an FCU between the light itself and the double socket. The garage is on the side of the house and the rear of it is...
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    New Build - Venetian Blinds - Bay Window?

    Hi We recently moved into a new build which has a bay window in the kitchen. We purchased 3 wooden venetian blinds for this window. I am going to need to mount them to the ceiling as they need to clear the door handles. Its a plasterboard surface and I suspect a lintel of some sort above it...