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    cooker switch mounting box

    Could anybody tell me what the minimum size box to use for a cooker switch with 6mm cable? the switch will be flush mounted.
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    cold water tank in loft?

    thanks for your reply,would the cold water flow from the tank in loft be enough to mix with hot water at 18l min say 50 degrees temp if i used the tank solely for the shower and ran every other cold tap off the mains?what i dont want is cold water flow in shower taking pressure away from the...
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    cold water tank in loft?

    Was wondering if anybody could help me?i have a baxi 130 he combi which is supposed to deliver 18l per min of hot water so i bought a hydromassage shower of ebay which requires a min of 10l per min and sited it upstairs.The pressure in the shower is pretty poor so could i improve this by siting...