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    Windows Task Manager

    I noticed that I had MILLIONS of these Task Manager Page Faults on my computer so I decided to look around for problems. I noticed that I had 350MB of DDR memory used out of approximately 1GB. I also noticed that I had no Virutal Memory in use. Windows 7 caches memory that is not under demand...
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    Eoropean Health Insurance Card

    The letter from the Pension Service advising about the changes to the EHIC card provider also mentions that Travel insurance is advisable because the EHIC card does not cover everything,the EHIC isnt much value anyway. unlike us stupid brits who give out very expensive healthcare to anyone for...
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    Where is Windows Mail in Windows 7?

    I have found WLM to be very hard to use, and full of things that a person who just wants to get email without all the bells and whisles doesn't want or need, especially for a newbee.The method I used here was a bit more complicated. Glad to see that simplified considerably as well as seeing the...
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    Bathrrom ceiling paint

    you may want to go up in attic and check insulation to make sure you dont have a moisture problem there also..if you dont have a ceiling vent fan in bathroom the moisture from within is causing window after showers!!Over time the excessive moisture WILL do damage. I think one of...