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    IKEA kitchen

    Maybe I should reroute the plumbing, the worktop is too narrow to hide it and I don't want to start cutting bits out of the back of the cabinets, I think they will loose their structural integrity. So far no-one objects to my plan of packing out the tiles so I'm 90% sure thats the way I'll go.
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    IKEA kitchen

    True but I have already got the worktops.
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    IKEA kitchen

    I have bought a kitchen from IKEA but had not realised that the units would not allow for pipes running along the wall behind the units. My solution is to bring the units forward enough to accomodate the pipes etc, then I will screw a thick board, supported on battens to the wall between the...
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    cracks in screed floor

    I have cracks across a newly laid screed floor. Should I bother to fill these before a wooden floor is laid over the top. The screed floor seems sound and fairly flat and even. How wide and deep does a crack have to be before I should worry about them? The floor is 5m x 10m and was done in one go.
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    wooden engineered floors

    My new concrete floor is in one area slightly lower than part of the rest of the house (about 6mm) I intend to lay wooden engineered floor over the whole area. Other than chiseling out the raised bit has anyone got any suggestions? Sorry, in my haste and excitement at using this forum I wrote...