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    gas industry unsafe situations procedure questions

    Dont think i would agree with c
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    Worcester 24i Combi Boiler constantly resetting

    may be wrong but last two with those symptoms have been hex, to the original poster have you considered getting worcester out on a fixed price repair around £190ish but gaurenteed to to sort it.
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    Megaflo System - Poor performance

    very obvious but just check hes turned the mains stopcock back on fully, its happened before :D
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    Drained central heating and using Hot Water?

    a lot are also taped over by homeowners to stop kids/accidental turn ons, if youve got the old type electic meter it will be easy enough to tell by how fast it spins when on/off.
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    Alpha CB50 - Help - before I take a hammer to it!!!

    the magnaclean fits just as easily on a horizontal pipe at a slight angle (to allow access to the islolation valves)the water spilled is minimal.
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    Worcester 280RSF - main burner won't light - HELP PLEASE!

    the same lead that ignites acts as the heat sensor, could be the sensing probe but chances are its the board.
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    Worcester 24i - intermittent hot water

    worth a try but when it doesnt work you will probably find the heat exchanger is crudded up :roll:
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    External gas pipes: how to make them look less ugly?

    failing any of the above a nice climbing plant :wink:
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    Bath install

    have you chopped out the plaster where the top of the bath will sit always nicks a bit of room.
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    worcester 28i

    boiler fires on and off a few times before coming on was thinking flame sensor or pcb but someone had trouble with wiring harness (anybody had trouble with these) any suggestions welcome, usually only do installs but you cant say no to family :?
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    worcester greenstars

    just a couple of questions about greenstars. why after having them in service mode do you get the inverted t, flashing between the temptature, not always but some times. again after servicing why do you sometimes get ..(2 dots) either high or low on the display screen. im on a new contract which...
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    boiling water

    sounds like the boiler stats been damaged / left out when GV changed?
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    only For gas engineers to answer!

    rather than the constant question popping up what boiler would you reccommend, thought it might be interesting to find out 1) what type of boiler/system people have fitted in there own home( and did they inherit it or fit it themselves), + has it given you much trouble 2) if you were to...
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    blocked cold feed

    going back to the origanal question its best to check if its blocked before you do anything else open a drain of cock and drag some water through if the f + e tank ballcock runs the cold feed isnt blocked
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    trainee plumber! please read.

    tony try dodds in stockport, they have the council contract for Stockport and are usually looking,
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    Ferroli Optima 901 -occasional Hot water problem?

    sounds like it might be the heat exchanger needs cleaning,
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    Baxi 105e

    the 105he is virtually the same price and boiler
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    hiding pipework

    google pendock
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    boiler recommendation

    baxi 105he cant believe no one raves about them on here, vaillants are also good, personally wouldn't fit a worcester by choice.