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    Cooker Switch

    In respect to the Spur do I not need to use an FCU or do I jut run a straight spur from the ring to a 13a switch Cheers
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    Cooker Switch

    Thank you for your sound advice, what is the procedure for notifying works Chris
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    Cooker Switch

    Good Afternoon, I currently have a 30a rated radial on I believe 6mm cable running to a cooker switch with is connected to a cooker outlet. this currently powers a cooker. I want to fit a hob 5.7kw can I connect this straight to the cooker outlet?? I am also fitting a single oven...
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    Laying a Patio

    Hi can anyone please tell me the correct procedure for laying a patio, slabs are 600x600mm area is approx 3msq. what are the preps and what should the slope be
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    Cooker Switch

    Baz Thanks for your advice, we have not got the cooker yet but most of the ones she likes are rated at 13A. The thing is I have been told so many conflicting things, one persons say you can one say you cant. So it is safe to plug cooker into a normal socket, I just need to run a spur...
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    Cooker Switch

    Good Morning, Can I run a built in hob and single oven (13A Oven) from one cooker switch. The current radial is a 30A rated. Both will be within 2 meters. If so can someone please explain the best procedure to complete this, or offer some sound advice Many thanks
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    Cooker Socket

    Ok mate will check and get back to you Thank you
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    Cooker Socket

    Hi Again I believe both hob and oven will be both 13A
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    Cooker Socket

    I am refurbing my kitchen, I currently have a 30A Radial I believe 6mm cable. I currently have a cooker point behind the cooker. I now want to fit a separate hob and cooker can anyone advise me please the options for wiring this!! Do I need 2 separate Control switches?? Can I spur off...
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    Can anyone please instruct me on using a multimeter and how to do basic testing on lighting circuits etc
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    Multi Meter Testing

    Can anyone please instruct me on how to use a MM, and the tyes of testing I should be doing on basic Circuits, Lighting etc
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    Storage Heaters

    I have Storage heater in my front room, can I remove this? They are linked to a fused switch, can I remove this switch and replace it with a normal switch or remove it totally and extend a spur from my current ring??
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    Basic Lighting / Diagrams

    Hi I am currently on the C & G 2330 level 2, one of my course mates said he managed to get diagrams of switching circuits etc on this site. Can anyone tell me where they are etc Cheers