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    Joint Compound on Radiator Union

    Boss White? thought everyone gave up on that 30 years ago! Jet Blue from wolsey will do the job, just a smear, for the threads then PTFE tape rolled on with a 100% overlap will do thejob, use a hacksaw blade to rough up the threads to stop the tape bunching up, and don't go mad with the tape and...
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    where to locate room thermostat

    the interlock can take the form of an energy manager or other "compensator" it doesnt have to be a roomstat, they are just used because they are the cheapest option, as to the poster not seeing systems without roomstats, you must have lived a sheltered life :) in my 33 years on the tools I...
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    adding room stat to system plumber says not a good idea

    the basic problem with TRV's and roomstats when fitted together has always been the same, lack of understanding on the part of the homeowner and lack of information from the installer. TRVs were originally designed to operate independently of any other controls besides clocks, each TRV could...
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    Vaillant DIV valve. DIY job?

    nice to see I haven't lost the knack of making friends :)
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    Vaillant DIV valve. DIY job?

    seen that claim several times today under other threads, can't work out whether its paranoia or just a tactic to intimidate new posters.I am new to this forum so still learning the ropes, who to listen to and who to ignore:)
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    Vaillant DIV valve. DIY job?

    10 days old? :) sorry didn't know there was a cut off date for posts, is there also a rule that stops drivel being posted? wouldn't want to fall foul of that :P
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    flue/boiler advice

    you can run modern condensing boiler flues externally there is no need to resort to plume kits.
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    Vaillant DIV valve. DIY job?

    too lazy to use the drain points fitted to the Vaillants then? and its crap in the system that stops the valves reseating most of the times, make rarely comes into it :roll:
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    the biggest problem with UK systems has been poor installation, incorrect fitting of cold feed and open vent and pump has created systems that pump over or suck in air causing corrosion, leading to gassing and oxide sludge! sealed systems are standard in most countries so they don't suffer from...
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    Boiler replacement or upgrade

    like all open flue boilers it is perfectly safe as long as it has adequate ventilation, a working flue and is correctly serviced, however it is not as inherently safe as a room sealed boiler, Viessmann boilers can be fitted into an open flue with the correct kit. they are fully pumped and wall...
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    burner output

    you would set it up o the manufacturers recomended setting as very few boilers are range rateable nowadays, most have just one recomended setting (unless they are oil in which case other factors come into play)
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    boiler hw/heating system.

    are you sure? looks like you have a pump on the boiler OV and possible cross contamination from the F&E tank to the CWS tank and thats just for starters probably going to work but not how it should be done, looks like your installer wasn't much of a plumber either :)
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    can a DIY'er range rate a boiler?

    rating a gas boiler is easy and can be done by any member of the public, in this case "Google is your friend" "range rating" implies altering the gas pressures of the boiler and that is NOT for the public :) if you have had a "C plan" installed then hot water temp is set from the cylinder stat...
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    co on roomsealed boilers

    as the vast majority of boilers are negative pressure leaks tend to be inwardsso the manufacturers have to some extent "got away with it",and there is no safety in CO detectors unless you have the appliance checked regularly, CO detectors are a last ditch defence not an either/or replacement for...
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    Confused about dripping external overflow pipe

    the law of "common bleedin sense" :P :) would you want condense dripping down your wall rotting the mortar and staining the brickwork? and yes the condensate can be routed into the bath or basin waste.
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    Pulsacoil2000 boiler-Does it have a water heater associated?

    is the pulsacoil 2000 still supported by Gledhill? I know that after they "restarted" the company they took the oportunity to drop suport for some models.
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    Vaillaint Boiler - Leaking! HELP!!!

    its a cheap boiler :) you are moving so reliability isn't your worry, although if you don't have the installation notified then that may get picked up on the sale and cause ripples .