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    Garage wiring

    The kitchen ring is a separate ring because of the potential loading from such as washing machines, dish washers, irons, kettles etc. Under normal operation with realistic diversity, a kitchen ring can quite easily approach 20 Amps. Taking the garage service from the ring may well cause the...
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    Running a hdmi wire side across the room

    I don't think hdmi cables come within 7671, but shorly it would be more attractive to run the cable round the skirting board, like a telephone cable, than channeling the wall and ceiling!
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    Fuse Box Move to exterior...?

    There are no specific requirements that prevent you putting a consumer unit inside or outside given that it complies with the general requirements access, mutual discrimination etc. But would you feel happy having it where somebody else could turn off your power?
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    Everyones opinion of Part P

    But doesn't every DIYer believe they are competent? and how many DIYers have studdied 7671 to know what they should and should not do? As an example, I recently saw lighting cables joined by passing the line (red!) core and the nutral (black) core into different ports on a junction box with...
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    newbee, needs sparky's opinion

    All depends what your professional occupation is. Doing the job "properly" is not just a case of stringing a bit of cable between sockets, however there is a lot of donkey work. If you want to do some yourself, then get a friendly skilled electrician to go through your design with you and...
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    Armouring for SWA in Stud partition?

    What would your take be? A 25mm three core (32mm dia) is run through a stud partition, so cable cannot be < 50mm from surface. Is SWA of the cable sufficient protection, or should additional armour be provided?
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    grill trips rcd

    You have a point. If there were an earth fault it should show on the insulation test.
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    grill trips rcd

    But I thought you said that the RCD tripped when the thermostat re-opened? ie it was only OK while the thermostat was closed. Have you tried the experiment yet? Not as far as I am aware. You can use an RCD for calibration purposes over a period of time implying that it does not change.
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    Three Port Plus Two Port

    So are you now saying that you are uncertain if the "dirty" signal on the white wire may cause problems with the second motor or that the second motor could cause R2 / D1 to burn out? If so I am not prepared to spend £100 plus just to try it.
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    Question for BAS or anyone with knowledge !

    OK that makes a substantial difference. I stand by by original answer, that two boards would seem OK, but purely out of curiosity how are you using 20 ways for so few rooms? Its just that have a similar configuration, 5 let rooms and communal areas and kitchen, and I'm wondering how to...
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    Spur without FCU or Ring Main ?

    Other combinations might be: Two spurs each with two sockets and connected via FCUs Four Spurs (if you can find anywhere to connect them!)
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    Question for BAS or anyone with knowledge !

    I can see nothing wrong with the two board approach using a single RCD in each (or more if you fancy) My thoughts are more on the overall design. With 20 rooms, even tiny 3x4 rooms the overall area would be 240 sq m so there will be a minimum of 3 rings, leaving 17 other circuits each with...
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    Question for BAS or anyone with knowledge !

    An Instructed Person: (abridged) A person adequately advised by a skilled person to avoid danger. A Skilled person: (Plagiarised) A person who knows better (think about that for a while)
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    2391 in the bag!

    You've had so many "Well done's" that I thought Congratulations might be in order! If I were to pass on any tips on how to pass the practical I owuld say two things. 1. Scan the internet for tips, there are some very usefull notes. 2. Make sure you know exactly which MCBs are...
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    grill trips rcd

    If the problem were that the elements had become hygroscopic, then as they heated up (while the stat was closed) the water would be driven out, and consequently there should be no fault when the thermostat opened again (which we now know is not true). At the same time, if it was a problem with...
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    Three Port Plus Two Port

    I think your analysis of the original article is a little harsh. In the first instance where you "disagree" I believe you actually agree. Yes the power (current) is supplied from the Cyl Stat to the boiler, but it is also true that in the process the orange wire becomes live (240 volts) as in...
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    grill trips rcd

    Under the 16th Edition we were advised that under normal circumstances a cooker should not be connected via an RCD because the elements were known to trip RCD at switch on as a result of water penetration into the elements. Under the 17th Edition we of course have to connect via an RCD...
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    Plug-in immersion heater?

    As with many of the recommendations in the OSG, they are based on presumptions and general experience. Ideally, for an immersion heater in regular use 13A taken from a ring would seriously reduce the current available for other appliances. However where the immersion heater is only used as a...
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    Three Port Plus Two Port

    Muggles: It would if it were not controlled by a zone valve, which is why I am investigating how to install one. D_Hailsham: Your right, the system will need balancing, but I had assumed I could do this using the Lock Shield valves on the extension Radiators. D_Hailsham: The reference I...
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    Three Port Plus Two Port

    Lets go back to the requirement. We are adding two additional radiators which because of the topology of the system will be connected to the flow and return BEFORE the three port valve. We do not wish these new radiators to come on unless the central heating is switched on. That is we do...