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    help needed - Part2

    Thanks for sorting out the wall guys, hope the muppet gets it right. Now what do i tell the muppet about the expension vessel, he thinks that expansion vessel inside the boiler is sufficient and we dont need it, is there a harm if insist that he install the expension vessel bought by previous...
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    UFH – Alternative to traditional screed – FlexiDry

    Guys unsure if i posted in the wrong forum?
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    Shower fittings

    Thanks newgasinstaller for your input, going out of the way to ensure right facts are presented so we can make judgement.
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    Build Contract

    C55K+ Zilch, but i am not going to manage this project
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    Build Contract

    Thanks mate, totally agree I see the project as a partnership where both parties striving for mutually beneficial success.
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    Build Contract

    [/url] Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated, will take a look, at least its a start. cheers
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    Build Contract

    humm, thats an idea to link payment to both BC inspection as well as month end. Right would it be possible to know what stages of the build the BC inspections expected? I apprecaite we have to negotiate the T&C prior to starting the work so will ensure he is onboard with rentetion aka final...
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    Build Contract

    Unsure if it’s the right place to post the question so moderator please move if deemed inappropriate. I would like to have some sort of formal contract with my builder who would be doing my extension work which includes building a new toilet/bath and a boiler room as part of the extension. I...
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    under floor heating

    anks for your respnose]