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    Click flooring

    Bit of along shot, but I’m after 8 or a pack of Victoria Ocean Parquet vinyl flooring. VIC 700. Thanks
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    Thanks Randomgrinch after watching that I bridged 3 and 4 and working. Will only operate the machine under supervision and unplug after. Wayners thank
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    Thanks haven’t seen this one will have a look
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    Thanks If I Bridge terminals 2 and 4 live and com just to test ?
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    New spade connectors fitted
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    Thanks for the reply’s Have reported to indesit via their chat option Fitted spade terminals as the switch fell apart, getting 1020 between terminals 2 and 3 when simulating the door is shut, but can’t simulate a reading on common terminal 4. Beginning to think new switch could be faulty .
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    Indesit burnt door mechanism

    Morning, I have a Wmao 963p washing machine. Started to flash F06 intermittently then after a week started to smell. Checked it out and found the connectors were burnt. Ordered a new one, fitted it with the same wiring but get the message that the door is still open. Any help would be...
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    UFH in bathrooms

    I've just put a Screwfix winterwarm down flow wall blower in mine. Put it on a few minutes before a shower, lovely and warm.
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  13. Air vents (not)

    Air vents (not)

  14. Potterton profile 80e

    Potterton profile 80e

  15. sludged pipe

    sludged pipe

  16. Blocked pipe

    Blocked pipe

  17. Mice cause flood

    Mice cause flood

  18. power flushing does work

    power flushing does work

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    Dudley Turbo88 toilet syphon

    Check that the translucent stopper by the piston assembly hasnt come out Grum
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    leaking service valve - vaillant vcw 282

    Vaillant central heating service valve 014731, thats the 282E You will have to drain down to change it Grum