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    Roof repair and loft insulation

    That's correct, it's not accessible... thanks, I am still waiting for another two quotes from two other people.... It's taking a long time...
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    Roof repair and loft insulation

    Thanks. Do the batons need to be removed at all? Here are his two quotes (below). As you can imagine, we want to save money where we can with all the cost of living crisis and energy costs going up. Quote one; new roof single storey rear extension , fit new Velux windows, fit dry ridge system...
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    Roof repair and loft insulation

    Hi, I am struggling to understand my roofing contractor's quote and reasoning behind some of the work. The roof on our rear extension (extended by previous owner) is missing the edges in the bottom corners and it slipped over the years. We need to replace the old skylights, so we want to...
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    Stair railing replacement

    My DH and I are complete newbies when it comes to DIY but need/want to renovate our staircase. I am doing some research about what we want to change and how. However, I am having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the upper floor rail. The board on top of the facia and on which the upper floor...