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    Cleverly lost a stelrad bleed valve

    Not just the valve, the valve and the screw in housing it sits in. Any ideas where I can get a replacement? Or am I buying a new radiator?
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    Painting over anglebead

    It looks galvanised however the paint just isn't adhering. I'll try undercoat, cheers.
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    Painting over anglebead

    Anybody got any tips for getting paint to adhere to angle bead?
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    Two daft fitted appliance questions

    A couple of daft questions that somebody who knows what they are doing will answer in a few seconds. Thanks in advance. 1. Can I put a fitted fridge next to a fitted oven? Is there anything special I would need to do? 2. Can I put a fitted fridge abutting a 90 degree corner - or does the...
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    Muppet proof plastering advice

    I've got a few areas that require something more than an assault with a polyfilla type product - areas about a foot square that are back to the brick where the plaster has blown or is crumbling / missing from previous decorations. Any pointers for someone who struggles to know his derriere...
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    cracks in screed floor

    Hi, I have the same problem. I've laid several layers of screed on an uneven rough concrete floor and the top layer keeps cracking and lifting up. I've lifted the cracked stuff, PVA'd the floor and relaid and it's happened again. It's only the top coat (and not the last) - any advice...