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    vokera hot water

    Hi hoping for some help, just replaced a rad (furthest from combi boiler) and after a failed joint have repressurised and bled ch all ok. However now have no water out of hot taps at all on either water only setting or joint hw/ch setting. what have i done? is there a simple fix? Mrs jg will...
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    warm flat roof work

    Hi just started to pull off old fascias ready for new, got to thinking should i leave some ventilation for existing roof void and insulation or will warm roof now make any vent unecessary? i feel that there ought to be some extra pir placed between joists but over wall plate up to ex deck level...
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    warm flat roof

    SRE thanks for that it will need osb on top for window cleaning access can you explain plastic tube detail please can I fix top osb and insulation in one hit with that method thanks john
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    warm flat roof

    Hi yes I could remove old deck just want to leave it if I can I think its solid enough and don't want to damage ceiling with extra work. Any thoughts? John
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    warm flat roof

    Hi Im new here so any help appreciated, old (at least 12yrs) north facing 8'x12' felt flat roof cracked in places not yet leaked inside?this 'summer' My plan is to lay 100/ 120 pir foil faced insul over the ex felt, osb over this, then epdm waterproofing. My questions are: is it ok to use ex...