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    Texecom Area Arming Modes - Entry/Exit vs Timed Exit

    it means it gives you an amount of time to get out of the door before it fully sets. its normally about 30 seconds. if it was final set then it would set after you shut the last door and stop the count down.
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    Galaxy 2-20

    the prox reader was fitted to switch off the alarm with a fob as you were not allowed to switch off with a number if you alarm was connected to the police. the prox reader is now built into the keypad.
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    Honeywell Galaxy G2 20

    it will stay quiet unless the power goes off again. tool station have the battery for that panel
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    Honeywell Galaxy - Stuck in engineer mode & RIO 102 AC fail

    have you done a bell test on the system because it should set in engineer mode and it should of set the siren off. setting the alarm in engineer mode makes the alarm ignore any tampers. some companies don't use outside sirens anymore so check its a real siren,
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    Honeywell Galaxy Dimension GD-48 "Alert-Batt low"

    is the green light flashing on the keypad? if it is then the battery needs changing. the batteries now days are so hit or miss you could have one that last for years and years and others that go down after 18 months. if you have a multimeter check you have 13.8 volts on the battery terminals...
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    vokera vision plus 25c pump stuck on

    Hi, I have a vision plus 25c and the pump stays on 24hr a day and never stops. i need to find the pump overrun stat. i have the functional diagram for the boiler but I'm not sure which one it is as the terminology may be different. i have a flow over heat thermostat or flow thermistor or return...