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    Solar panel help wanted, please.

    Voltage drop on what is a low voltage circuit is critical here. Its fairly simple though, if the circuit was 5m in length (and 5m neg, making 10m run) and you want to extend it to 10m (20m run total) then it would need to be at least twice the thickness if the same cable type. Then you have the...
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    Grid wiring

    I have a little area in the corner of the kitchen, within a cupboard, which has a number of electrical switches for the outdoor electrics: 2x security lights 400W floodlight 12W light outdoor socket shed Currently the wiring is a bit of a mess in that there are 4x single gang surface mount...
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    Drilling shiny steel tube

    Sounds like a job for a pillar drill. If you have a corded drill, or one with a handle, then its possible to buy a 'pillar drill' accessory which allows you to mount the drill in it and convert a handheld one.
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    No Outlook Express with Windows 7

    How big is your mailbox? One of the issues with Windows Live Mail (I did try it, briefly, before deciding it was rubbish) is that it runs very slowly with large-ish mailboxes and subfolders.
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    Insurance pay out for accident

    Produce adverts of the £1500 cars (at least 3, and make sure they are directly equivalent to your car, or worse) as convincing evidence. Get as much as possible from the insurance company - perhaps not £1500, but you'll be wanting £1000-1200 at least. Then buy another car with the money. For...
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    piring PIR to two flood lights

    There's only 4 wires/connections involved: Neutral Earth Permanent Live Switched (by the PIR) live Any chance you can scan in or take a photo of the poor instructions? And a picture of the wiring connector in the PIR lamp?
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    New build- blocking neighbours windows & boundary query

    I think the lesson here is that, don't get an end-of-terrace built right up to the borderline. You don't control what can theoretically happen on the other side of it, and you have no advantage over a mid-terrace. I live in an end-of-terrace but there's about 8 feet between the next house (also...
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    two kitchens in one house

    Aah, didn't see the bit about 2 bathrooms too. Yeah, its kinda looking like 99% converted into two separate units. Do you have a mortgage and does it allow lodgers on it? (I know its not fully relevant, but worth asking too).
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    New build- blocking neighbours windows & boundary query

    The update/reveal of events is interesting! So basically, here a summary: 1. Your house is right on the edge of the border 2. He offered a bit of money to build onto that, but you declined it 3. With both of you in dispute, you put in a daft window and he put up an entire house, bang on the...
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    No Outlook Express with Windows 7

    Can't believe someone suggested Windows Live Mail - its crap! When Outlook Express went (I think it was no longer included with an update of Internet Explorer) I switched to Mozilla Thunderbird for emails. After a download of a converter plugin and a bit of playing around with it, I got all...
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    two kitchens in one house

    The fact remains, that unless you do put up the separate door, its not converted. So I can't see them being able to act on the Enforcement Notice. I'd stick it out and see what they try do next. After all, they'd need to enter your house and effectively commit criminal damage, to remove the...
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    cant find my post about watch ?

    Give it time - you'll find it.
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    Kitchen refurb - typical costs

    I've done a fair amount of home DIY previously (but not fitted a kitchen) but also done a lot of DIY work on cars and boats. I know its not the same, but there's obvious transferable skills there and I've done a lot of research already on "how things are done". I'm fairly confident I can do it...
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    Kitchen refurb - typical costs

    Our kitchen needs a total refurb, including repairing a damaged ceiling (due to water damage from bathroom above - now fixed), adding a sink into a downstairs toilet (the kitchen has an attached utility room (no door), then a downstairs loo behind a door), and complete re-decorating including...
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    Replacing lightswitches.

    I know I'm not the OP but I've thanked you because out of all the internet egos and negative posts, you've been positive and given sound advice. I know it happens on all forums and partly its the nature of the internet but some posters on the Electrics sub-forum (it seems to be just the...
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    Drilling through narrow joists for heating pipes

    What's the gap between joists? I had similar issues (on another kind of job) drilling and screwing properly into joists at 400mm centres. I bought a compact 10.8V Li ion cordless drill and its a boon for getting into tight spaces etc. Agreed, right angle drill would be even better for the...
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    Hinges for kitchen cupboard

    Make the cupboard slightly deeper so the washing machine can sit back a little, thus allowing for the hinge. Or, make the cupboard/appliance space for the washing machine slightly wider, so the hinge can fit to the side of the space occupied by the washing machine. You're going to say...
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    New build- blocking neighbours windows & boundary query

    I find it bizarre that 2 separate houses can be built so close together - is this normal? What's the gap, can you physically get into it?
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    Petrol hedge trimmer questions

    PS my Husqvarna chainsaw's controls incorporate choke and high idle together. Your hedge trimmer may not have this type of control and you'll need to separately set each, to start it.
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    Petrol hedge trimmer questions

    I don't know specifically about petrol hedge trimmers, but I do have a couple of chainsaws and the start procedure is: 1) prime fuel system using the bulb 2) pull out choke to full, also engage high idle 3) pull on starter until you hear a "cough" or a slight running on its own for a couple...