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    Drafty floor boards...still

    Hi, Quick question to those who have an opinion - looking to bounce my thoughts from some practical people :D Im looking for advice RE: drafty floor boards Currently have underlay, carpets and insulation on chicken wire for suspended floor. History: 2009 renovated my 1930s house...
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    Driveway - Dropping of the frontage/curb

    With your neighbour check to see if all those cars on the road are taxed. If not report to the DVLA and get them crushed, which you can do anonymously 8) Does he really have 6 vehicles taxed?? There was a change around September I think for driveways, and depending on what you want to do...
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    Bedroom walls

    I would think you'd be ok with either, but if the bags been open for a while it will go off really fast. Just pva before to make a seal. If it does crack, you can always fill! I did a mix this week with some multifinish that was left over from may. Went off in about 10 minutes :oops: but...
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    Bedroom walls

    I use a ready made interior filler, B&Q own is fine. Its easy to apply and sands nicely with 120 grade - I have found polycell range very tough to sand in the past. You can get powders you mix youself and it depends on convience / amount you are going to do. It's not an acrylic mastic like...
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    Flaking Paint on plaster

    There is no quick answer to this. Where ive had flaking paint areas, i've sanded as best i can, applied OIL based paint - stain block, or undercoat. sanded again and feather in with emulsion. Its alright for small areas, but if there are lots I would say the effort wont justify the results -...
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    Which grade of sandpaper?

    Depending on how good a job you want to do, it's all in the prep. If it really has many coats of paint on I'd consider getting the heat gun on and stripping back to wood, then sand and clean with sugar soap - prime and continue. But I've found 80 or 120 fine for rubbing down old paint...
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    gaps between skirting and wall

    Yeah just caulk, dont take off the skirts! unless your talking about seriously big gaps! Apply caulk bead and smooth with spatular, or finger. I find latex gloves perfect for this job. You will be amazed at how much better they look. Its worth getting a decent caulk, not b&q / screwfix own -...
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    Sound Proofing?

    Hi sorry to hear of your trouble, I know how irritating noises can be... I've done a bit of sound proofing in my house and spent a bit of time researching it. Your new build will have had to comply with Part E regulations - the pdf doc in online (google it). From what i remember the...
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    Yep, I must be mad! [pics]

    I believe the current regs require any new fcu / socket to be 30 cm from the hob or sink. However, i am sure it probably won't matter . Just call an electrican, and stike a deal for a ticket :wink: Looks like its coming on a treat. I decided to fore go any type of cooking other than...
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    Repointing - Did I do OK?

    Hi Richard C, Not my intention to have a pop, and in reading your message understand where your coming from. It's just that I prefer positive critique, and in reading your post I thought that if i had spent all that time and effort doing quite a major DIY job and feeling pretty chuffed about...
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    Repointing - Did I do OK?

    Richard C, I dont understand why you say that this has reduced the value of the house by thousands. Can you expand on this?? I suspect not. Maybe as a 'professional' you would notice that it was not done by the trade, but anyone else? Fair play Mark for having a crack, which is what DIY is...
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    Ikea kitchens

    I have just fitted my ikea kitchen. Overall i am impressed with the build quality, however, as you point out the fact that the carcasses go all the way to the back is not so good for pipes. Worktop wise i got a numerar worktop. These are have square edges ie no radius. However water from the...
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    Removal of chimney breast

    Hi, I have a similar problem, except the neigbour had taken the chimney breast down before i even first looked at the property (moved in 6 months ago) Can hear TV, door slamming, light switches on/off. Very frustrating, especially as i am a noise freak.- i like my peace and quiet. Its...
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    A quick Corgi (not the dog) question.

    Gas fitters have to be individually corgi registered, i believe.
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    Dot and dab!!!

    Hi Gary, Dot and dab is one of the methods for attaching plasterboard to a wall. You mix up the adhesive and dab, dots of adhesive in a vertical line. You then attach your plasterboard to this and then try and get it plumb. Other methods are wood or metal stud. I am currently doing the...
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    Wood worm spray?

    Hi, Have a look in Wickes, they sell Woodworm and an wood all treatment (dry/wet rot and woodworm) You will notice that the instructions / ingredience on the Cuprinol is exactly the same as the Wickes one. You will save about 5-10 quid on a 5L drum. I got a wickes hand sprayer, which...
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    My first Skim

    hey, thanks for the kind comments. Yeah, my first go at skimming. I got a dvd tutorial which explains the basics and watched it around 4 times before starting. I've finished the other wall now as well. YES totally great feeling when i had finished :D and when i look back at the old...
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    My first Skim

    Hi, Thanks for your replies. I tried again on the wall, this time to use less water, but i still think i had too much, as there is still a slight white film over. I did try a dry trowel as well this time, which i think helped. I might use a smaller brush next time as it seems to easy to...
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    My first Skim

    Evening all, I have recently done my first skim(Kitchen ceiling), and really enjoyed it. I am fairly pleased with the result :) even though it will need a little sanding in the corners, but was expecting to do some. What i have noticed is now it has dried, there is quiet alot of white...