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    combi boiler problem

    fills like it want to work but is struggling and then the system just give up and shuts down.
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    combi boiler problem

    it's model 532 just over 2 years so isn't on guarantee any more. the pressure 1.5 now yesterday morning I woke up with the pipes banguing when I noticed the pressure was 0, then I got the pressure up to 1.5, the pressure stayed up but the pilot don't stay on for more then 40 secs :cry:
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    combi boiler problem

    my Worcester combi boiler stopped working the pilot light is out when I turn the mains out for 10 or 15 min it come out for about 30 to 40 secnds the it go out again. can any one help?
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    Britis Gas 532 combi boiler problem

    Hi everybody. I've got an 532 combi boiler from BG just over 24 month so it's out of guaranty, yesterday morning there was a lot of banging noise in the pipes like if was something banging inside the combi, then I checked out the flame was out and the pressure was very low almost on 0, so I...