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    Elite 24 and Bosch Blueline Pet Sensors

    I have bought resistors, 4k7 and 2k2, I have tried it with them and in a NC loop. I downsized because I liteally had a shock sensor on every door and window and a motion sensor in every single room. Its way way too much and the wireless radio is shockingly bad. Not to mention that the Texecom...
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    Elite 24 and Bosch Blueline Pet Sensors

    Hey So I have been in the process of removing my Banham Euro 46 system (being a hybrid with about 30 sensors!!) and I am replacing it with the Texecom Elite 24 for endless reasons. I bench tested the system with a TMD15 and a Texecom Dual Tech detector and it worked fine! That was a few months...
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    Cheap’n’cheerful CCTV?

    Use a program like iSpy and a Webcam, that should do what you need, and you probably dont even need to buy anything if you can find a webcam hanging around the place
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    Keypad Zones on Castle Care Tech Euro Mini Prox

    Hi, I am about to install a Euro Mini in my home (already installed a Euro Mini in my Uncle's house as well as my parents and my shed) the systems are brilliant. I have one quesiton, the secondary keypad I aquired is a EUR-064 which is supported by the Mini Prox, but will I be able to use my...
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    Modern looking wired alarm panel recommendations?

    Dont even touch Honeywell ADE, go for a Castle Caretech (Pyronix) Euro Mini or Euro Mini Prox, they are 110% better and support EOL or Double Pole wiring. You can get Proximity Tags with a different keypad and support 10 zones instead of 8 and the added features (and zones) are much appreciated...