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    Drains - poor fall

    Yes may be a sump and a pump is the best option, or running the sink waste around the wall of the house - looks rubbish though. Dont suppose there is any kind of pump to push the waste as opposed to pulling it up from a sump is there?? The bottom of the nearest drain is 11" from the surface...
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    Drains - poor fall

    I understand that drains need to fall at a rate of 1:40 at least, if I cant achieve this due to the hieght of the existing pipework, is there another solution to get sink waste a long distance to my septic tank?
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    Pumped hot water shower

    I have a bath & shower with pumped hot water and mains cold water. when I turn the shower on it does not trigger the reed switch in the hot water pump to switch the pump on, unless I open the bath hot water tap. Do I need to fit something to stop the cold water pressure back feeding into the...
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    KItchen sink & diswasher wastes

    I want to move my kitchen toi the other side of the house. Can I run kitchen & dishwasher wastes into the rain water soakaway or do I have to dig a mighty long trench to get to my foul waste drains which run into a septic tank??