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    Grant Combi 90 MK2 Hot Water Issue

    Hi looking for some help please? got a rental house in Ireland with above oil combi. Irish market doesn’t like oil combis and not the norm. I’m struggling to diagnose remotely, I don’t want to throw parts but I’m thinking diverter valve ? Message from tennant “When I have the heating on I...
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    Chimney Leaking Quote

    Hi no timescale included in quote, he did say approx 2 m of membrane all round
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    Chimney Leaking Quote

    Hi Looking for some guidance please, mid terrace house shared chimney, 20 yrs old. Leaking water into loft battens wet through. Quote for repair Roof repairs Supply and fit scaffolding Remove tiles battens around affected area Fit new breathable membrane Fit new treated battens Fit new...
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    Gloworm Economy Plus F50 Boiler Temperature

    Hi i have just recently moved house and i am trying to adjust temps. I have been told that premature boiler failure will occur unless the flow and return (at the boiler) is not set at approx 11 degree C diferential. The visible sight of plume also would indicate higher differentials...
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    Boiler Cycling (Gloworm Economy +)

    Hi can anyone provide a bit of knowledge on this one? Please. I have recently moved house and, i have now turned on the heating, the boiler fires up and warms radiators to required temperature. At this point the boiler just continually cycles. Once temperure is achieved,it fires up it...
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    Question Ref ferolli otpima 901

    Thanks for previous reply. Question? is an overheat stat the same as a limit thermostat in the above boiler. many thanks for your answers
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    Boiler Cuts Out Ferroli Optima 901

    Please Help !!! I have a ferrroli optima 901 boiler and have problems with it. When the central heating is switched on it runs for about 15-20 mins and then cuts out causing no boiler function (the radiators start to cool and the ingition does not light the boiler for hot water) My plumber...