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    servis washing machine constant filling?

    Put the washing machine on any program and the washing machine constantly fills. The rest of the machine is fine but wont get passed the filling stage? Any help would be appreciated
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    United carpets yes or no?

    Hello,i am steadily decorating our first house. Just took a browse out for some carpets. We were quoted £290 fitted for platinum underlay and a general cheapish...hard wearing carpet.... £5.99 per square metre Underlay 6.99 per square metre We have no idea on the cost of carpet really...
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    Mem fuse carrier.Any plugin mcb replacements for these? These are installed in my aunties place in belfast. Is there any replacement mcb that i can replace the old cartridge fuse holders with...
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    Adding additional telephone socket,virgin cable

    Hello i am having sky fitted on multiroom but want to keep my virginmedia subscription for broadband and tv. I have took the cover off the socket and on entering the socket there is just a blue cable and blue/white cable. Do i just need to tap on to the terminals to another socket to add one...
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    Filling and Painting existing papered plaster walls.

    To start this is my first decorating task to any help is greatly appreciated. I have removed all the existing wall paper and starting filling in cracks and dinks. Do i need to fill even the smallest of cracks? Hairline etc? I assume when all dry i should sand flat,which grade paper...
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    Soundproofing next door out!

    Hello,my next door neighbours are a particular loud indian family and i would like to soundproof them out but never had to encounter this avenue before so does anyone know of effective solutions. We do not have connecting lofts as i saw stated somewhere else. Im starting from scratch here so...
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    Struggling to balance new rads correctly

    Having installed a new system,rads pipework and a worcestor bosch junior 28i but im struggling to balance the rads correctly. I am getting the rads much cooler at the bottom then at the top,i know usually this indicates sludged rads but as a new system?Also some rads are alot hotter than...
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    Who manufactuars these radiators?

    All sorted order new panels and kits.thanks alot.
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    Who manufactuars these radiators?

    so screwfix own brand?not resalers?will contact them thankyou
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    Who manufactuars these radiators?

    They have "fix" stamped on the side panels,i need a new side panel. on the leaflet included there is a number thats always busy so little stuck? The number is 0870 777 8371 Google doesnt bring up anything so any help would be greatfull
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    Can you use tectite on speedfit

    Thanks,ive read i have to use inserts on the speedfit aswell right? Warrantee on the fittings you mean? Thanks again guys
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    Can you use tectite on speedfit

    Ive made up some speedfit pipework and am using covering that clips onto its pipe clips. Problem is using the speedfit fittings the covers wont fit on as the speedfit fitting are very bulky. Tectite fittings are much smaller but unsure if i can use these with this type of pipe.Any help...