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    Gas Leak???

    I have a combi boiler that is located in a solid she outside my flat. The gas meter is located in the basement and is connected to the boiler with appropriate pipes. The pipes go through the house, through a closet (which backs the boiler shed), through the wall and then out to the shed...
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    Wylex MCB Plug in Replacement

    Thanks for this. I did check the circuits and had them mixed up. I now have the 2x 5A ones on the lighting circits and 1x 30A for the cooker and 1x 30A for all the plug points in the house.
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    Installing a washing machine in a basement?

    Is there any way to install a washing machine in a basement when there is no obvious drainage outlet? Ie, by connecting a pump or other device to pump the water up to a ground level drain?
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    Wylex MCB Plug in Replacement

    I had an old Wylex Consumer Unit which had wired fuses. (2x 30A and 2x 5A) I replaced the fuses with plug in MCBs (from Wylex) (2x30A and 2x5A). However, one circuit tripped when i used a device (eg Vaccuum) even though i have replaced plug in MCBs of the same A rating. I subsequently...