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    Hotpoint FF200EP fridge freezer

    I require a replacement freezer door the original is rusting and does not look good. I cannot seem to locate one, a s/h one would be ok if someone can point me to a supplier please.
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    Dyson DC24

    My unit has a problem with the beater bar motor on/off button, a piece of plastic has fallen out of the on/off button housing I suspect from the bar motor button and the button no longer turns on the beater. The red main button still operates correctly, how do I get into the switch housing to...
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    Info on Gardtec panel please

    Battery size is 7ah
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    Info on Gardtec panel please

    The battery is 6 months old, there are no faults on the display as I stated above the system now is operating as per text book. Upon repowering the system after my holiday ( it had been off for 10days ) it operated normally, the log tells me there was a rapid number of power power cuts and...
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    Info on Gardtec panel please

    Thank you sparkymarka, my kp's are 6 wire although I have noted that the 595 does have a label on it stating it can be used 4 wire. It was used as a replacement for a 840 panel and therefor was a simple swap, my 595 was subjected to a multi event power cut when I was away on holiday and false...
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    Info on Gardtec panel please

    I have a Gardtec 595 panel fitted, it looks as though this has now been replaced with the 600 model. Will the 600 does anyone know work with my excising zone expanders, keypads and relay o/p expanders, I am using the first type 800 kp's not the remote control type.
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    Hikvision dvr

    I have a problem with a DS-7204hq model from the DS 7200 series. When using the BNC video o/p to a monitor I can display a single camera full screen or all four cams split screen. However when I connect via HDMI output all I can display is the four cameras split screen, they are of course in far...
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    White powder substance under floorbards

    Yes the boards have been wet due to a leaking pipe, they are now dry however there is an odd board also effected that as far as I know has not been wet.
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    White powder substance under floorbards

    I have been under the floorboards of my bungalow and I noticed on some of them is a bright white powder on the surface, it wipes off and the wood looks normal. Any need to worry ?
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    Bosch dishwasher problem

    My Avantixx sms 40 at programme start hums for around 15secs, it sounds like a motor running perhaps the pump? it has just started doing this in the last few weeks. Otherwise everything is normal, it was purchased in Aug.2012, any advice would be welcomed.
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    Aircon for a conservatory

    I hope this is in the best section, what is the best type of unit for a approx 10 square meter conservatory. Can anyone recommend a make model or type please.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    As I said in my OP I wish to be sure it is not consuming more gas that it should.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    This sounds a little like my OP when I asked if it could be done this way but the first reply said I could not. So ok I run the boiler flat out and read the meter how long do I run it and what should the consumption be if all is well please.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    Sorry I do not understand this. I wish to know how to check that the gas consumption of the boiler is correct.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    How do I do this please and how do I determine what it should be using.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    I have sadly only one response so I take it my idea is a non starter. That said how do you check the gas consumption is correct.
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    Checking combi boiler gas consumption is correct.

    I have a Baxi Duo-Tech 28 combi around 3yrs old. I wish to check if it is using the correct amount of gas and not wasting it. Could I do the following would it work. If I turn all gas appliances off, and turn the room stat to 0, then read the meter which is in cubic meters, then run a...
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    Detector For Garage

    Can anyone recommend a movement detector for my detached garage. Several years ago I had duel techs in ( Honeywell ) but I had lots of false alarms due to spiders. I replaced these with a IR duel beam unit but now this is false alarming due to old age. I could fit a replacement but with an...
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    Mira 415 shower

    This unit was in the property already when we moved in nine years ago it is mounted over the bath and still operates without problem when showering. The difficulty I am experiencing with it for quite a while now is that whenever a tap hot or cold is operated anywhere in the home or the dish...