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    Nest, time for a professional?

    @Iknowcraig - thanks for sharing, that gizmo looks REALLY useful - I've got a whole bunch of tasks that will benefit from that. Ordering one now :)
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    Nest, time for a professional?

    @stem - thanks so much for your detailed instructions and taking the time to reply. I'm going to try and trace the wiring this weekend, may have to lift some floorboards above the thermostat location - seems obvious now, but I hadn't actually thought of that :)
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    Nest, time for a professional?

    Hey all, I've read numerous threads on here about installing Nest 3rd generation into the home (such as this good one - kudos to @stem). I'm really tempted to do this myself but my wife will kill me if I screw up the heating at this time of year! If anyone can give me some pointers, it would...
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